When it comes to buying a washing machine for your home, you have lots of choices to choose from, but if you are short on space and are looking for  integrate a washing machine to your house in a way that doesn’t make it stand out, then you should think about purchasing an integrated washing machine. These appliances can be conveniently kept out of sight, therefore integrated washing machines can provide you with the laundry work you need without compromising from your home’s décor.

A fully integrated washing machine is one that is totally incorporated into the design of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room so that you don’t even know it’s there. Typically, the washing machine has been installed inside a cabinet with a door closing it up so that when the machine isn’t in use, you do not notice it and it remains out of the way. There is generally a counter above it also. By choosing to set up an integrated washing machine in this way, you are able to calibrate the machine away when not in use so that you don’t even know it is there.

Another option is an integrated washing machine and dryer, which works somewhat differently. In these models, the washer and dryer are piled together with one another and are sold as a single unit. These integrated models normally offer smaller capacity washers and dryers, but since they’re stackable, they are made to fit in small spaces, such as in apartment settings.

Integrated Washing Machine Designs

Most integrated washing machine style includes a front-loading design. Considering that the machines are generally installed inside a cabinet, this allows easy access to utilizing the machine when the cabinet door is opened.

Integrated Washing Machine Manufacturers

Not many makers of washing machines offer integrated models, but a number of the more reputable companies do, including Bosch, Whirlpool, and LG many more

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Integrated Washing Machine Sizes

The dimensions of the machine you decide to purchase depends in part on the amount of area you have available. There is not one set size for this type of appliance, so you will have to shop around to get a size that’s ideal for your house’s specs. If you’re picking a washing machine to be installed in a cupboard, you can usually buy a full size incorporated machine for that purpose.


Installing Integrated Washing Machines

The installation of an integrated washing machine may be rather tricky because you’re working within a small confined space while installing the appliance. If you are installing the washing machine in your kitchen within a cabinet or under the countertop, it is possible to generally tap into the water source lines from the kitchen sink, as well as the drain, at much in the same manner a dishwasher work. If an integrated washing machine won’t have its own water supply and drain lines, then the appliance must be installed in close proximity to the sink and the water supply.





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