Buying Best Laptop in India

In the previous years laptops have been growing heaps in popularity compared to desktop computers. Various sorts of laptops are available based upon what you need. It’s exceedingly simple to obtain a (cheap) laptop that will fulfill your wants. The question is however, what are you searching for in your laptop? What type of laptop will be useful for me to purchase? Do I would like a lengthy battery life on my laptop? All of these are questions which you need to be asking yourself before purchasing your laptop. In this post I’ll be describing typical “laptop user profiles” and the spec’s that needs to be taken into account for each one of these profiles.

Laptop For Students

Typically students will be on the lookout for laptops that are cheap, compared to other categories of laptops. The laptop will have to get a fantastic battery life (in the probable case that you’re last entering the classroom, and all of your classmates have hogged the power-outlets) and be portable (you don’t wish to eliminate your freshman 15 by hauling around an oversized laptop, you’d rather wish to eliminate it by hauling around instances of beer. . right?) .

Often this leads to the choice for a netbook or mini-laptop. This is a really good choice as frequently the battery life of these netbooks are going to be above the ordinary standard, and they’re incredibly portable. There are a couple points which you will want to take in account though. That means you are going to need to determine if this is OK for you, are you going to be using hardcore software to work on your school projects? Are you going to be using the laptop for ‘afterschool activities’ as well? Keep these questions in the back part of your head whilst looking for your perfect match.

An excellent solution is to search for a slightly ‘oversized’ netbook, like a 13 inch laptop. These laptops normally have a larger CPU, and thus will have a little more power. I wouldn’t go any larger than 13 inches though, since this will start having a large influence on the experience of portability.

Business/Professional Laptops

As a (business) traveller you’re going to be trying to find a laptop that has sufficient computing power, is also portable and is built into a sturdy case to safeguard all of your work documents or pictures of the worlds wonders. A netbook would be out of the question in this scenario, as this simply has to little computing capability to stay informed about the fundamental needs within this category. These laptops normally have a more powerful computing power, are built a bit stronger and are still quite portable.

However, you will see that these laptops frequently don’t include an optical (DVD) drive. This shouldn’t be an issue for you though, since you’re going to use USB’s and hard disks whenever you can as a traveller. These laptops are somewhat pricier than the netbooks, but the performance in this category definitely makes up for it.

Examples of laptops within this category are Lenovo’s thinkpad and Dell’s latitude.

Today you’re likely going to say that gamers may want to obtain a desktop computer. Nevertheless, gaming laptops have greatly improved in the past couple of decades, and are giving desktop computers an increasing amount of competition. Gamers may want to check into laptops that have superior processing power, a fantastic graphics/video card is also a fantastic plus.

Furthermore a major screen/display for gaming laptops greatly increases the experience, sizes vary from 15 inches to 17 inches and above! I advise you get that nice 17 inch laptop, or even go larger. As you’re searching for a gaming laptop, you may also go big.

Their laptops are readily customized/upgraded with the most recent parts and so make a fantastic alternative if budget isn’t an issue. But if budget is a problem, consider looking into Gateway’s P-series laptops. These are also excellent gaming laptops and have a fantastic general price!

Key suggested specs: A minimum of 4 GB of RAM, 320 GB HDD or larger, a fantastic graphics GPU and preferably that 17 inch or bigger display.

The home user

The home user. This laptop category comes closest to the ordinary desktop computer. Normally a laptop in this category is used as a replacement of the desktop computer (and thus usually stays at a desk). This is more of an overall laptop. 15 inch laptops are incredibly common for this category, and there’s almost an infinite quantity of different laptops available here. It follows you are going to have the ability to have a rather excellent laptop (based on this categories needs) for an affordable price.

Key suggested specs: 2GB to 4GB of RAM, 250GB HDD, a 15 inch display and if needed an optical DVD drive.


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