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Missing Brother_bill716 and his Twitter posts, what the hell happened to our guy @verified y'all suspended the wrong account #freebrotherbill #BillsMafia #BillsByABillion

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Please report the heck out of this account.
Somehow this parady account still exists, yet the real @Brother_Bill716 gets suspended.

@Twitter @TwitterSupport be better.

#BillsMafia #BillsByABillion

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Hey #BillsMafia. This is my new account. Twitter suspended my old one. Please follow me and I'll follow back!

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@TwitterSupport surely you have 1 intelligent person working for you. Many of us reported the false account 2 weeks ago. And somehow you guys fucked up?! Fix it and #FreeBrotherBill #BillsByABillion #BillsMafia0

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Done!!! Letโ€™s do this, #BillsMafia! #billsbyabillion #GoBills

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Our group has decided to promote a different Bills related charity each month in 2021. With Rare Disease Awareness Day just passing, our March choice is @kendorsey11 โ€˜s my cause my cleats National Organization for Rare Disorders. Do your thing Mafia!

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Thank you Minnesota!! Although my time as a Viking has come to a close, my time as a MINNESOTAN is just getting started!

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I am confused. But alright, onto the next. #billsbyabillion

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source: me.

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@RapSheet You mean... Kealie J Watt??? (I know thats not her middle name its more fun this way tho) #BillsbyaBillion

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@Norv98 @BlueJays Lol the Jays decal isnโ€™t real. I just made it on photoshop. But if theyโ€™re both on tv at the same time itโ€™s #BillsByABillion

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To the moon. ๐Ÿš€

@JoshAllenQB | @thecheckdown

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@JJWatt Red, white, and blue workout gear. I see what u did there #BillsByaBillion #BillsMafia #Buffalo

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@AugieSlaps @skateric @kdub1003 @ShadezWorld @iampriiime @InvasionBing @Weez215Gaming @kingalfy17 @BigBryTV @BigBankFPS @hahafuckpearl @ProtoCull @IceCold_MonstaR @PenningWyse @bubbyslive @PadPubg @wenchlestilskin @Xclu5iv3G #Billsbyabillion

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Itโ€™s been awhile since weโ€™ve had our weekly game alert videos. Keep giving us the comedic relief we all need โฆ@Brother_Bill716โฉ proud to be #cuzzybill #billsbyabillion #letsgoBFLO โฆ@BuffaloBillsโฉ

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โ€œWhy do we celebrate it in February? Why canโ€™t we just celebrate it every month?โ€

Thereโ€™s still work to be done.

@BillsLegends | #BlackHistoryMonth

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@Danielle1O19 Very nice. Smile in next one #billsbyabillion

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These cellys had us weak. ๐Ÿ˜‚

@EnergyMark | #BillsMafia

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@BuffRumblings @BruceExclusive Andy Dalton would be a great backup!!!!

Beane's gotta move on from Barkley. Could he really win us games if Allen went down?!



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@JJWatt Think today is the perfect day to become @BuffaloBills . Letโ€™s make it happen on #WattWednesday!!! Time to make that #Superbowl run. #LetsGo #Buffalo #Bills #Billsmafia #BillsByABillion #JJWattToBuffalo

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Okay #BillsMafia. Y'all ain't ready for this Watt Watch logic. JJ Watt was born in Waukesha, WI. Niagara Falls is in the backyard of Buffalo. Look at what they both have in common. Yes, I'm in the rabbit hole now. @JJWatt #billsbyabillion

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@thesweetspot_4 @Glitchyguns @JeremyWGR I donโ€™t think someone is grasping the joke of the far reach being put into these. Said someone thinks the reaching is 100% serious. But said someone should also learn how to read between the lines to see these reaches are actually 100% true. #billsbyabillion

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Found it at Wegmanโ€™s and obviously HAD to get it ๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธ #GoBills #BillsMafia #billsbyabillion

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@TwitterSports @stefondiggs This was the last sports picture on my phone... Motivated..... #SuperBowl next year or bust.... #LetsGo #Buffalo #Bills #BillsMafia #BillsByABillion

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Where Josh Allen ranks among every 3rd NFL season ever by a quarterback:

Passing Yards - 4th
Completions - 2nd
Completion % - 2nd
TD passes - 3rd
Total TDs - 1st
QB rating - 1st

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@Brother_Bill716 Thank you for the love! Get them framed up and it will look great in your official Brother Bill man cave! #BillsMafia #billsbyabillion

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Buffalo Bills super fan Ken Johnson. aka. โ€œPinto Ronโ€ will be undergoing open heart surgery on Tuesday.

#BillsMafia please keep Ken in your thoughts and prayers. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

#BuffaloLove #PintoRon #KenJohnson #SuperFan

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Hey @JJWatt, you were made for this city ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™‚๏ธ #BillsByABillion

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"I love the idea of J.J. Watt with the Bills logo on his helmet contending for a Super Bowl. Get the ring and enjoy some wings."

๐Ÿ“บ: @GMFB

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