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Just a reminder... #BlackLivesMatter STILL MATTER! I hope ya didn't just use it as hype!

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@CDCgov Apparently #POTUS45* Intended To Distribute All Available Doses By Year End And Leave #Biden With No Inventory And No In Transit! #COVID19
#BlackLivesMatter #Democrats #Progressives

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Plus all the other non white races #nonwhite #WhitePrivilege #BlackLivesMatter #lyingmedia #crooked #DefundThePolice #Racism2021 #RacismAlive #RacistCanada

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@hmierzejewski @Cernovich You can explain it to the people who just lost their job. What they see is the pending bill sent to their doorstep. Hope they could live with it before job creation.
Anyway #BlackLivesMatter and feel free screw the others

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Gary The Useful Idiot Still not understanding he's getting played


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Pictures can give the wrong context. She explains he helped her not hurt her and wants him to get his job back. I'm glad he was there.
#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteSupremacy

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"The United Nations says 2.3 million people - nearly half of #Tigray’s population - need aid amid food shortages, lootings and inadequate healthcare facilities."
@JoeBiden #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide @KamalaHarris @SenateForeign #BlackLivesMatter

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@ninaturner Senate is sitting on the ONLY law for Equality b4 Policing...

SIGN // SHARE @RepKarenBass 's HR7120 #GeorgeFloyd JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT to push Senate fwd so we #USA can vote on.

6,800+ signed.

#LarryKingRIP #RBG #law #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

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@Qldaah And while Federal Politicians engage in this sort of rhetoric under the guise of free speech, without ramifications, Australia will always be seen as racist
#auspol #AuspolSoCorrupt #AustraliaDay #BlackLivesMatter #lnpcrimefamily #notaleaderjustaliberal

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Let me guess.

If only they were “ #blacktwitter “ “ #BlackLivesMatter

Then we’ll the Capitol would have run red with blood. Right?

Talk about laughable and every fucking riot angry fucking Africans want to do but get a bunch of irl white shit posters

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@cedarsageskoden I feel desperate, I managed to get out of some debt, I need to buy food and groceries for my girls. If you can help me I would appreciate it. $KaremNav 🙏🏼 #HelpFolksLive2021 #BlackLivesMatter #MutualAid

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A group of #whitePrivileged #whitepeople did the very exact same thing as a #BlackMan did but they ticketed the only #nonwhite #POC #BlackMan #Justic for #GyasiSymonds  #racistcops #corruptedcops #DeleteFacebook #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter @ImmortalTech @lordjamar

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@amnesty @hrw @_AfricanUnion @achpr_cadhp @IlhanMN  @DominicRaab @BarackObama @PresidencyZA @AsstSecStateAF @JoeBiden @SenatorDurbin  #BlackLivesMatter   @BLMLAYOUTH @BLMLA #BlackLivesMetter @DetroitBLM @BLMDMV @DocMellyMel @IntlCrimCourt @martinplaut
@HRCSaudi_EN @OHCHR_Pacific

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#AllLivesMatter = racist
#BlackLivesMatter does not
How the fuck does that work? 🤷‍♂️
I can only see the latter being the racists.

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@DesignationSix Not to mention it took #BlackLivesMatter  to get #Disney to revamp #racist Splash Mountain... June 2020, people.

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#BlackLivesMatter #Disability matters : I am black, I am disable : Support small businesses #Pepeprocess : Transformation online : 3hrs = 3sessions

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'A federal union with Authoritarian states cannot but be partly authoritarian.'

Where does police violence & #BlackLivesMatter figure in the story of political violence in the US?

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A must-read for you SF history buffs. In 1897 a Black waiter by the name of John Harris sued Aldoph Sutro for denying him entry to the Sutro Baths because of the color of his skin.

John Harris won his lawsuit. #BlackLivesMatter

@SFUnified, name a school after John Harris.

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How can you intentionally hit a police officer with a car, and not be indicted? Privilege over justice! #SaturdayThoughts #police #AmericaFirst #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #BlackTwitter #Resist #JoeBiden #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning #SundayThoughts #BlackTwitterMovement

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Literally nothing for the black community 🤦🏿‍♂️...time to identify as immigrants or lgbtqrstuv 🤣😂🤔😞 #BlackTwitter #ADOS #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #LGBTQ #BidenHarris #notangibles

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@DrAlexPiquero @univmiami @JackieTravisano @rudyfernandez23 @julio_frenk @FeliciaKnaul @JLDUERK I said it once and I'll say it again: people need to be VERY careful about donating to this organization after the news that was revealed in November. Where is the money going? To whom? These are things U should know b4 donating. #umiami #BlackLivesMatter

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Keep fighting for #BlackLivesMatter
This is absurd

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The United Nations says 2.3 million people - nearly half of #Tigray’s population - need aid amid food shortages, lootings and inadequate healthcare facilities." @JoeBiden #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide @KamalaHarris @SenateForeign #BlackLivesMatter

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@DavidDTSS @dpalm66 Cool…cool, cool, cool, cool.
So…hows about all y'all FBI folk throw the arrests/charges of hundreds of #BlackLivesMatter protestors on top of that debate pile?

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"The United Nations says 2.3 million people - nearly half of #Tigray’s population - need aid amid food shortages, lootings and inadequate healthcare facilities."
@JoeBiden #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide @KamalaHarris @SenateForeign #BlackLivesMatter

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George, you obviously do not read my replies. (I do not check how many followers that I have, do you?) We are both on the exact same page. Take it or leave it. I'm the one with White Privilege on his side (for now). #BlackLivesMatter

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Hello PLEASE stop scrolling, read & RT! 🙏🏿 Im Talisha, I am a 24 year old single lesbian mother of my beautiful daughter and in need for help. I recently lost my job due at covid-19 and I am going to struggle paying this months rent -

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Left: Eric Munchel, AKA "zip-tie guy," stormed the Capitol with the intent of taking hostages; to be released from jail to house detention, pending trial.

Willie Simmons, arrested & convicted for stealing $9.00 in Alabama in 1982; has never been released from prison.

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BREAKING: A Staten Island grand jury has voted not to indict bar owner, Dan Presti, on charges of assaulting a police officer after he rammed his jeep into a cop, breaking both his legs.

He now only faces charges for unlicensed sale of alcohol.

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Glad to see Grand Jurors in the case for Breonna Taylor muster up the courage to file a petition for the impeachment of Kentucky’s corrupt Attorney General Daniel Cameron for covering up her murder. He should be removed and arrested.

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#UAE’s Pterodactyl II drones in #Eritrea were attacking #Tigray’an forces at night. Satellite data by a US company showed areas where #Ethiopia was fighting with #TPLF that were hit by these strikes that killed 500 ppl on the spot.



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Political Scientists Turned a Blind Eye to America’s Democratic Failures—I’m in ⁦@ForeignPolicy⁩ discussing the weirdness of Polity scores and the prevalence of political violence in US history

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The night of their victory, we sent @joebiden and @kamalaharris a letter requesting a meeting.

It has now been 32 days and we have yet to receive a response. To set up a meeting with civil rights leaders, without BLM, is unacceptable.

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Great archives piece in this morning's California Sun @mmcphate about the old Sutro Baths in SF and a Black man, John Harris, who sued them under the 1897 Dibble Act which guaranteed Californians "of every color or race whatsoever" entry to public places.

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