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Estamos a menos de un mes de que el rover @NASAPersevere toque la superficie de Marte. ¡Muy pronto tendremos nuevas vistas del planeta rojo!

¿No pudiste enviar tu nombre en la misión Perseverance? Inscríbete para futuras misiones aquí 👇

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Mission To Mars - Landing Toolkit for Perseverance Rover

Ways to participate, watch online, resources, Mission to Mars Student challenge and more @NASA

#CountdownToMars #Space #Mars #Perseverance

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Interesting thing about researching @NASAPersevere's helicopter with @DDESecondGrade-rs is that, at first glance, 98% of them said it was a drone. Why? "Because it's too small to be a helicopter." Sign of the times? #ddestem #ddestrong #countdowntomars

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The Perseverance Rover that lands on Mars will launch a helicopter to take pics to send back to Earth. The Perseverance Rover. That lands. On Mars. Will launch. A helicopter. To take pics. To send. Back to Earth. @NASAPersevere #countdowntomars #ddestem

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Sending a machine to Mars is not easy. The first time @nasajpl did it in 1964 it was - as one of the project people told co-author Nick - "One hell of a rollercoaster" - here is a remarkable film from the time #countdowntomars

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距离@NASAPersevere登陆火星还不到一个月! 加入我们,进行现场简报以预览活动: Jan 1月27日,星期三 下午4:30 美国东部标准时间(21:30 UTC) ❓https://t.co/diP2fK1xdm #CountdownToMars

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There are only 23 days left in the #CountdownToMars!

Educators – help your students learn all about the Red Planet before landing with @NASAJPL_Edu’s Mission to Mars Challenge!

Join here:

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Finished another checkout on the night shift last night. Today my team is on console for @NASAPersevere to execute a few more maintenance activities. 23 days to go! #countdowntomars

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Perseverance Rover will be landing on #Mars on Feb, 18th!
Wishlist on Steam:

Music: Moonlight by Wontolla (CC-BY-SA)
#RoverMechanicSimulator #gamedev #indiegame #countdowntomars

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Q: What powers @NasaPersevere throughout its mission?/ A: @AerojetRdyne’s Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), which converts heat into electricity, providing Perseverance with continuous power. #CountdownToMars

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NEW🎙️: '@NASAPersevere SCIENCE'

@NASAJPL Scientist Katie Stack Morgan joins us to discuss #NASA’s first astrobiology-focused mission to the Red Planet. #countdowntomars

In this ep:


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@NASAPersevere lands February 18th , approximately 3:30 PM EST! #countdowntomars

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Maestoso, essenziale, poderoso. Tre aggettivi che descrivono il castello di #Verrès, cubo di pietra costruito alla fine del XIV sec da Ibleto di Challant, in perfetta simbiosi col #paesaggio.
Video by quellidelbressa #drone
#valledaosta #reels #castles #countdown

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📺 Tune in to watch the @NASA TV broadcast live of @NASAPersevere landing on the Red Planet from 19:15 GMT on 18 Feb. #CountdownToMars

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📥 Get your #CountdownToMars landing resources at this one-stop-shopping Landing Toolkit. Download posters, stickers, facts sheets, images, and mission patches.

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In just over three weeks' time, NASA's next Mars mission will land - come what may - in an ancient crater. Once again, there will be "the seven minutes of terror" - though for many working on the project, there have been seven years of it getting everything ready #countdowntomars

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🎫 Send Your Name to Mars: boarding pass holders who submitted their names to fly on board the rover will soon land on Mars. If you’ve never sent your name to Mars, you can sign up here to send it on the next mission. #CountdownToMars

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🔴 On 18 February @NASAPersevere will touch down on the Red Planet. There are loads of ways you can get involved in the mission. #CountdownToMars

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Ya en los quioscos el núm. de febrero de @astronomia_mag, que ha quedado espectacular. Enhorabuena, @agomezroldan!

Un placer haber escrito junto a mi amigo José Antonio @ja_manfredi el artículo central, sobre @NASAPersevere... que llegará a #Marte el 18 feb :-)


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This is pretty much just NASA flexing.
#MashableSEA #Space #NASA #CountdownToMars

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#CountdownToMars T-22 days 14 hours °

Interactive Virtual Landing Packet ¹²

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@NASAMars @NASAPersevere I hope more discoveries are made that might provide us with valuable information. #CountdownToMars

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I'm looking forward to the rocket landing on Mars. 🚀🌌 @NASAMars @NASA @NASAPersevere

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Less than a month to go until @NASAPersevere lands on Mars! Join us for a live briefing to preview the event:
📅 Wednesday, Jan. 27
🕟 4:30 p.m. EST (21:30 UTC)
📺 or

#CountdownToMars #rovor #jpl #astronomy

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#CountdownToMars T-22 days 19 hours

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For NASA😎👇
GOOD LUCK 🏆🏆👨‍🚀👩‍🚀👍👍

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With @NASAPersevere just under three weeks away from landing, time to look at the first successful NASA JPL mission to the Red Planet - Mariner 4 in 1964/65 #Mars #RedPlanet #spectacular #space

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Feb. 18 @NASAPersevere will touchdown on #Mars!

Join @NASA Jan. 27, 2021 1:30 pm PST/4:30 pm EST for a Preview to the #MarsLanding on @YouTube!

Ask @NASA your questions using #countdowntomars


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And now, as JPL prepares to land its next mission on Mars, time to salute those pioneers in the sixties on whose shoulders they have followed. #countdowntomars

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So @NASA will land the Perseverance rover on Mars with my name on it for my birthday. What are you getting me?😅🚀🔴

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I'm looking forward to the rocket landing on Mars. 🚀🌌 @NASAMars @NASA @NASAPersevere

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@NASAPersevere will the Perseverance rover landing be live streamed on Feb 18? If yes, for how long and what camera angles can we expect (surface facing?)? #CountdownToMars

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Less than a month to go until @NASAPersevere lands on Mars! Join us for a live briefing to preview the event:

📅 Wednesday, Jan. 27
🕟 4:30 p.m. EST (21:30 UTC)
📺 or


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