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On #HourOfTheWolf our next guest is Alan Dean Foster, author of over 130 sf/f books including Star Wars. We discuss his career, his classical music, and his efforts to get paid by Disney for residuals. 1/23 at 7 AM ET over @WBAI and and then archived.

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Be sure to tune in @WBAI or for #HourOfTheWolf featuring readings by @WriteTeachPlay (Carlos Hernandez) and @csecooney starting at 7 AM ET. Extended video at

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#AppleMusic A new album from #Tribulation is almost here. Pre-add #WhereTheGloomBecomesSound and listen to #HourOfTheWolf now.

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A new album from #Tribulation is almost here. Pre-add #WhereTheGloomBecomesSound and listen to #HourOfTheWolf now.

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My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

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#HourOfTheWolf (Vargtimmen) saw #IngmarBergman at his darkest with Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann starring in the psychological #horror - what did you think of this?

Listen to our 1968 episode via

#podcasthq #shpoll20 #filmhistory #MaxvonSydow #LivUllmann

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Tribulation (Official) estrena single y vídeo "Hour Of The Wolf"

#Tribulation, #Hourofthewolf

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Πρόκειται για το δεύτερο single από τον επερχόμενο δίσκο των Tribulation, “Where the Gloom Becomes Sound“

#greekrebels #extrememusicwebzine #Tribulation #WhereTheGloomBecomesSound #HourOfTheWolf #CenturyMedia

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@bpardoe870 You successfully kept me away from my paintbrush for a full day with #HouroftheWolf. Let’s see how today goes

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@bpardoe870 you successfully kept me away from my paint brush for a full day with #hourofthewolf, let’s see how today goes

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Need to decompress #hourofthewolf by @bpardoe870 theres alot of meet and the longest #battletech novel to date. Not happy with everything and some has been foreshadowed forever but its a new era

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Tribulation Share Heavy New Single “Hour of the Wolf” Alongside Dark Music Video
#tribulation #hourofthewolf

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Who's been digging the new #Tribulation's single?!

#HourOfTheWolf is now streaming! Their record, #WhereTheGloomBecomesSounds drops Jan. 29th.

Watch the full video/pre-order below!


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Tribulation estrena single y vídeo "Hour Of The Wolf"

#Tribulation, #Hourofthewolf

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Tribulation Unveil “Hour Of The Wolf” Music Video #MetalBlade #Tribulation @MetalBlade #HouroftheWolf #capitalchaostv

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#tribulation publican nuevo single "Hour Of The Wolf " de su próximo álbum 'Where the Gloom Becomes Sound' que saldrá el próximo 29 de enero vía @centurymediaeu
#tribulation #hourofthewolf #newsingle #WheretheGloomBecomesSound #centurymediarecords

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Be sure to tune in to #HourOfTheWolf Sat. morn for "The Council of Elrond," narrated by Baird Searles. Produced by Margot Adler, @DaveMarx, and @JimFreund in 1971, with the assistance of JRRT. That's 7AM EST over @WBAI and . Join us!

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Tribulation unveils music video for new track “Hour of the Wolf”! #Tribulation #hourofthewolf #wherethegloombecomessound @MetalBlade

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Los suecos Tribulation ponen en circulación el segundo sencillo de su próximo disco con el vídeo de "Hour Of The Wolf".

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#Tribulation takes over the cover of @AppleMusic's #NewMusicDaily playlist! Stream their new single, #HouroftheWolf at the link below!


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#Tribulation • FRIDAY

The hour of the wolf is soon upon us!
Ghastly visuals coming your way…
//The children of the night
#HourOfTheWolf #WhereTheGloomBecomesSound

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Never before have I felt so seen by a New Yorker cartoon
#insomnia #newyorkercartoons #hourofthewolf #longdarknightofthesoul #latenightangst

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#TheLighthouse is a bit like a Bergman movie. Or you could say Bergman inspired. #HouroftheWolf

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On #HourOfTheWolf Saturday at 7 AM over @WBAI and , our guest will be Karen Russell, reading from and discussing her latest book, Sleep Donation. Recorded Oct. 22.

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Our next guest on #HourOfTheWolf will be Charles Yu, talking about "Interior Chinatown" (just our in paperback), Westworld, writing through the pandemic, etc. We begin on Sat, 11/14 at 7 AM ET over @WBAI and . Join us!

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#HourOfTheWolf with Jim Freund features satirist and self-styled heretic James Morrow, reading from his novella "The Purloined Replublic" from the themed anthology, And the Last You-Know-Who Shall Sound: A Future History of America.

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A reminder to all: #HourOfTheWolf begins a new era on @WBAI and Saturday mornings at 7AM starting this week, with guest @jimmorrow11 reading from "The Purloined Republic."
Preceding David Rothenberg again, which is just so cool!

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A preview of Saturday's #HourOfTheWolf at 7 AM over @WBAI and .

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And I think that enjoying it's not the correct expression, but rather you will not be able to accept it and therefore it will be more difficult for you to face it and consequently to absorb it.

#HouroftheWolf #2020movies #IngmarBergman #horrormovie

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Honoring @nkjemisin MacArthur Fellowship this week, #HourOfTheWolf will rebroadcast her #NYRSFReading from 2016 this coming morning at 5 AM ET on @WBAI and . Archive available after broadcast Join us!

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Ekim ayı seçkisi, usta yönetmen #IngmarBergman’ın hayalle gerçeğin iç içe geçtiği eseri #Vargtimmen - #HouroftheWolf (1968) ile devam ediyor. #spookyseason

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Saturday's #HourOfTheWolf will feature a rebroadcast of an interview with Susanna Clarke from 2004 upon the occasion of the launch of "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell."
We begin 9/26 at 5AM over @WBAI and . (Don't worry -- it'll be archived! ;)

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