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Bradley Beal went the #STAYME7O route

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Ridiculous man. Dude is different.. but still shouldn't be 15

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hut hut hike

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Carmelo Anthony in this absurd role off the bench for the @trailblazers, is shooting 39% from the field. Though his 3pt shooting (38%) is just under last season’s career high, again, this role is not whats best for @carmeloanthony or Portland. End of story. #StayMe7o

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@knickanator @FahimInsurance @fukuwowka Bang - sensitive dudes being defensive again yet they call others bias but if we said frank is a all star caliber player these same sensitive weirdos would be retweeting praising dancing etc lmaooooo foh #stayme7o tho always

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Had another chance to hop on @ctrlnarrative show again. Got to talk some Melo and Trailblazer hoops with my guy @SteveTsak always good vibes my G!👌🏾 #StayMe7o

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Dude’s still killing it


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Why is Carmelo Anthony in Sons of Anarchy 😂😂

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Yessirrrr, that boy on fireee #Knicks #StayMe7o

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Austin Rivers game part 2?!?!?

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Keeping it a 💵, I’d rather CARMELO return to the Knicks than DERRICK ROSE. Let’s let him end his career proper. It’s #StayMe7o not #StayMe00o

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“You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile and just keep on rolling.” - Kobe Bean Bryant #loveyourself #LongLiveKobeGigi #stayme7o

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@adoniz781 @davidkwilkes @WhatSeperatesU @LegionHoops He said what he said🤷🏽 #StayMe7o

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@AndrewYang Umm most beloved? Seriously? Jeremy Lin had one good 3-week period in his career and was never that good again. Carmelo led the Knicks to the Atlantic Division title the very next season and the Knicks won a playoff series for the only time this century. #StayMe7o

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We KNOW we weren’t the only ones going off when Melo was in that zone and hit 6 in a row

Like we’ve been preaching, there’s a time for those Melo iso’s when the threes aren’t falling or when you straight up don’t have playmakers with guys like CJ and Nurk out


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Just got a promotion been here less than 2 months. 1 month of "real work" 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

A successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so


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@AngelBeingAngel @KnicksSnob @nyknicks #knicks missed their chance to work with #StayMe7o when he was being blackballed by the nba for reasons i do not get. he does not fit this knicks roster despite mentoring possibilities. as2 randle, i think the knicks will trade him by the deadline. he can't b the 1a alpha

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First game of the season as a starter for Carmelo Anthony

22 PTS
9/21 FGs
6 REBs
2 BLKs
+16 (team-high)


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Three to the dome from Melo! 👌

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Puréeee que je t'aime Meloooooo

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oĸ aвoυт тιмe leт'ѕ go мelo #StayMe7o

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It has to be @carmeloanthony with this super smooth fit. Are you kidding me with the CREASED sweats?

Congrats on another outfit of the game #StayMe7o


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Melo back in the starting lineup tonight #RipCity

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Per Coach Stotts, Carmelo Anthony and Gary Trent Jr. will start tonight against OKC. #ripcity

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Derrick Jones Jr. and Robert Covington are solid players...but @everythingloso wants to know when they turned into Kawhi Leonard and Paul George #STAYME7O

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@SBondyNYDN Longevity. 🔶🔷 #stayme7o

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Game day vs OKC!!

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21.01.24 vs Knicks.

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Speak what you seek, till you see what you've said.


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@carmeloanthony #PoliticianforSport is a monophonic and conversational style—dialogue pushing podcast focusing on sports, culture, politics and society. As always, we will demand #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor!


#Me7oMonday #STAYME7O #BlackLivesMatter

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"People fear what they dont understand. Hate what they can't conquer." #StayMe7o

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7 Years Ago Yesterday, Carmelo Anthony Went OFF for 62 Points at The Garden🔥 #STAYME7O 🏀

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Quelle photo magnifique... Bordel de merde, je suis toujours aussi heureux de voir Melo en NBA. Je ne déconne même pas, la larme à l’œil quand je pense qu'il a été éloigné une année des parquets.

#STAYME7O ❤️❤️

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I miss being at games 😭 #STAYME7O

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