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@STArmstrong1966 Here’s something to RT far and wide.. @NicolaSturgeon is #Toast! 😂 #TickTock # Snp = #PoliticalCancer

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@JoeBiden received the gun salute of a visiting foreign dignatory. What does that say to you? #TickTock

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Time's up. TICK TOCK.

NEW Scarlett & Karrion Kross wallpaper in 4K / HD / Mobile / Retina / iPad Pro resolutions:

#wwe #nxt #ScarlettBordeaux #KarrionKross #ticktock #wallpapers @Lady_Scarlett13 @WWEKarrionKross

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ティックトックの動画にコメントさせてもらっても かなり下の方に表示される😭気づいてもらえないぢゃん🥺

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vous ne nous verrez pas sur #TickTock,ni chez #macron encore moins en #Egypte(qui est1 beau+grand pays avec1 #peuple fiers d'homme+de #femme courageux/ses)
mais #place d la #republique sur #RDV!
de #morsi à #alsisi l'#Égypte c'est fait volé sa #révolution de janvier

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Fake News says my reporting on POTUS is like putting lipstick on a pig. What you’ll never hear them say is it’s the wrong end of the pig! They can’t be trusted! #TickTock #Allegedly

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(VIDEO) Alex Jones says the *White House coordinated the march on the Capitol*, including who'd lead it and where Trump would be during it. If true, Trump—who'd already been told by the Secret Service he couldn't go—lied to Jones to enhance the mob's size.

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@VABVOX Id prefer they be locked up. #Ticktock

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Soy yo o #TickTock esta arruinando todo el reggaeton con pasos bien chafas. El reggaeton hay que perrearlo bien sucio y hasta abajo 😈

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Keep letting the ⏰ run.@BuffaloBills #ticktock

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#ミイラのくしゃみ #TickTock

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Engancháte a @AmericaTVPy y @a24compy que ya está con nosotros #MoisesFlor buscanos en todas las redes si querés vernos via streaming #youtube #Facebook #Instagram #TickTock

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I really have no idea what to make of half the stuff I talk about. Did I just tweet that out loud? #TickTock #PitterPatter

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@GeorgePapa19 Rely on the Russians next time, not Trump. #TickTock

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De rellen van vandaag hadden voorkomen kunnen worden. Ik zou mn ogen uit mijn kop schamen als ik bij de politie of ME zou werken.
Mijn troost is de wetenschap dat elk individu verantwoording zal gaan afleggen uiteindelijk.

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@thesundaytimes If the Scottish courts say that the Scottish Parliament has competence to hold a referendum without Westminster approval then you CANNOT call it a wildcat referendum anymore. #TickTock

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Así es, tal cual como dice @JacoboG_Ecu la ganancia no está en @tctelevision ni en #TickTock, está en territorio. Faltan 15 días exactos y sabremos los resultados

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@Pier147 8pts with just over 4 mins to go...

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@BlightyUK @DaisyAdeleleo All corrupt and part of a global crime.

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La mejor manera de ganar votos es «saludando al elector, viéndole a los ojos y llamándole por su nombre».

Las cifras de la recta final electoral no se entienden desde el mareo de spots, la campaña sucia en medios públicos, las aburridas entrevistas, o la infoxicacion en redes.

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@4YrsToday Campaign finance violations. Obstruction of Justice. Tax fraud. …

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating President* Trump’s Westchester, N.Y., Seven Springs estate as part of its criminal probe.


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@CMOH_Alberta It's a good thing those restrictions are for CORPORATIONS ONLY and not for men and women or their property. #CommonLawCourtsOpeningSoon #DeenaWillPayForHerCrimes #TickTock

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@chris_horne @ScotTories @Douglas4Moray Hahahahahaha saving Scotland from a corrupt WM through Independence is the only way Scotland is goin to recover from CVd and the centuries of WM harm. Not sorry to tell you torie boy your unions over #TickTock

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@columeastwood and the folk at @IrelandsFuture could do worse than take a note at the approach of @OCallaghanJim.
No sneering at unionists, no patronising inevitably arguments, no #TickTock tweets, no threats about decisions being made without them.

A more grown up approach.

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@amazonmusic Both ******************* my new single #notgonnaletyou Feat. Canton Jones is available on all digital platforms 🔥🌎💙@ImEricaCampbell @Pharrell @Diddy @IAmSteveHarvey @HERMusicx @AppleMusic @KorgUSA #music #TickTock

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When there’s a border poll let’s ensure it’s not a sectarian headcount but instead a respectful debate on what’s in best interests of N Irl and the island. There’ll be a strong pro union case, so those of us who support unity must meet the challenge with creativity & inclusivity.

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5) OBSTRUCTING THE MUELLER PROBE. Mueller investigated 10 episodes of potential obstruction and refused to clear Trump. Experts say only a few of the 10 would be a strong case before a jury. But they say that conduct is criminal and an abuse of power.

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