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@itsKajolD mam, Tribhanga me aapki adakari dekh ke man romanchit ho gaya.
Kafi samay baad ek achi movie dekhi hai and aap sadbahar hain.

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@itsKajolD is always known for doing challenging roles.
Dis time also she did..at another challenging role.. which she never did before.
WATCH #Tribhanga.
#KAJOL in different Aavtar.💞😊💞

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Even @itsKajolD was swearing for no reason in #Tribhanga

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#Tribhanga, they talked about it alot .
How about watching it!?

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Watched #Tribhanga on @NetflixIndia
@itsKajolD @tanviazmi @mipalkar
Brilliant movie written and directed by Renuka Shahane @renukash
Loved it.
Kudos to all for the wonderful 🎥
#kajol #Netflix #netflixindia

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@LadyReenz @mohitg90 @SindhiChokroVB All the "gaali galoch" is becoming the norm with most Indian web series shows.
It's gone extreme. 'Mirzapur', 'Sacred Games', I not buying the OTT profanity in the venecular as an essence of their characters being "bad".

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Guys Kajol is really birthing life into this movie! Such a great performer! #Tribhanga @ItsKajolD @mipalker @banijayasia @sidpmalhotra @netflixindia

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@itzchampak Saw that yesterday.
Yup.. many flows, but a must watch. Some realistic contents 👌👌

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#Tribhanga director Renuka Shahane revealed how, when she was young, other kids were asked not to play with her since she came from a "broken family".

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Go n watch #Tribhanga i would say indian inception like.. layer after layer.. too good.. in start there r some cuss word but at last they all make sence.. in start i thought vidya balan would have been better cast but Kajol was feb is feb so apt. @itsKajolD
@mipalkar u cutie ❤️

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Cant stand Kajol. Love Tanvi Azmi and Renuka Shahane. Dekhoon ki nahi #tribhanga

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8 વર્ષની ઉંમરે અલગ થઇ ગયા હતાં રેણુકા શહાણેનાં માતા-પિતા, જણાવ્યું છુટાછેડાનું દુખ #RenukaShahane #SeparatedParents #TribhanghaDirector #Tribhanga #Kajol #mithilapalkar

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#Tribhanga on Netflix... Kajal looks so 😍😍 even today!!

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Review on #Tribhanga Tedhi Medhi Crazy : Netflix
For you tube click below :

PPT on blog
CISA crash course Feb-Mar-2021
Fees [email protected] ISACA@Ahd
Details in Blog :

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I'm agreed dai. This is what #Tribhanga is.💚

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#Tribhanga felt like a warm embrace. Loved many things. Thank you @renukash @SidMalhotra ❤️❤️

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After watching a great show #tribhanga i came here to see what is people talking about it and found these 2 rupees mindless pr tweets @ajaydevgn @NetflixIndia 😑😑😑😑

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The only good thing about #tribhanga on @NetflixIndia is #TanviAzmi
The lil portrayal that she has in form of interviews to camera is well performed.
I guess too much was tried to fit into, too little of a film n characters.

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@amritaIQ also talks about how she is too old for Kajol to be screaming at her on screen #Tribhanga , @9e3k is moved by @TillotamaShome performance #SIRonNetflix and I can finally take pride in pronouncing things correctly when we talk about #LupinOnNetflix

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#Tribhanga made me fall in love with @itsKajolD all over again. Such a beautiful story told so beautifully!
It reminded me that we are all broken in our own unique way. Some more than the others but still broken.

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#TRIBHANGA - a very ho-hum effort from Renuka Shahane. Found #Kajol's character a bit over the top and unnatural, especially when she goes on the expletive drive for mere fucks sake. Does not work. Took away from keeping it grounded. ⭐️⭐️ 1/2

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जब साढ़े 4 साल की थीं काजोल तब पेरेंट्स हो गए थे अलग, एक्ट्रेस ने बताई आप-बीती
#Bollywood #Kajol #Tribhanga #RenukaShahane

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मैं खुद को खुशकिस्मत मानती हूं कि मुझे इतने प्रोग्रेसिव सोच रखने वाले अद्भुत लोगों ने..... #BollyWoodNews #Kajol #Tribhanga @itsKajolD

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Renuka Shahane એ કહ્યું, માતા-પિતાના છૂટાછેડા પછી, લોકો તેમના બાળકોને મારી સાથે રમવા દેતા નહીં


#tv9news #gujaratinews #bollywood #bollywoodnews #Kajol #Renukashahane #tribhanga

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Tribhanga: માતાપિતાના અલગ થવા પર Kajol નું નિવેદન, ‘હું જયારે સાડા ચાર વર્ષની હતી ત્યારે…’


#tv9news #gujaratinews #bollywood #film #Kajol #Netflix #tribhanga

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#Tribhanga is a beautiful beautiful film. Among other things, made me ponder about how one's childhood experiences eventually and unconsciously affect every major life decision taken later in one's life.@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi are stunning❤️. Kudos @renukash !

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Tribhanga is not just a Movie. It's more than a movie [for me].

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Thank you @itsKajolD for giving a beautiful insight on the magnificent dance odissi and its story . Loved watching your movie, your performance was also really impressive and quite enjoyable.


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Don't hesitate for a moment; you are strong, intelligent, special and very beautiful. @itsKajolD #kajol #Tribhanga 😍👑

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@renukash ma'am, watched #TRIBHANGA last night, it awakened my inner self to make better choices in life,
I will give it 10/10.
@tanviazmi @itsKajolD
@mipalkar you guys were awesome, it was treat to watch❤️❤️
I'm going to recommend all my friends to watch it.

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@itsKajolD @ikunaalroykapur @ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @mipalkar @renukash Who came up with “dhravibhut madhyam” terminology? Who is the @ShashiTharoor of Hindi here? BTW, loved the film. Brilliant writing, direction, acting. Kudos to all - @renukash @itsKajolD @ikunaalroykapur and the whole team #Tribhanga

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Kajol Opens Up About Her Parents' Separation When She Was A Kid; Says 'I Had The Most Amazing Upbringing' #kajol #tanuja #tribhanga #bollywood

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@maddyb65 @renukash @itsKajolD Just finished watching the film based on this tweet. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Certainly made me think about all the choices we make and unknowingly how they affect the others. Different perspectives. And then technically it is so beautifully done - Sound, light and frames. #Tribhanga

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دائما اقول كاجول افضل و احسن ممثله من منتصف تسعينات إلى الان ، حقيقي مبدعه مبدعه دائما في كل دور تقدمه و احلى شي فيها انها تتقمص الشخصية بشكل مو طبيعي

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حبيت بصراحه 👌❤
فلم عائلي يلامس القلب و مؤثر كثير

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1/6 Thread: A Quick Reflection on movie #Tribhanga #त्रिभंग
TRIBHANGA is merely not a plain story. It is multilayered with multiple essence. You can understand it or may not completely. Sometimes understanding the story line is not sufficient to make a perception.

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So excited. Just 1 day to go #Tribhanga
@ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia
@deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @itsKajolD @mipalkar @ikunaalroykapur @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @NetflixIndia

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