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Georgia teachers pressed to return to the classroom want access to COVID-19 vaccine, but state officials say short supply means it could be weeks before the state expands eligibility beyond the initial pool of at-risk people #gapol

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Testing isn’t a partisan policy: it protects all legislators and staff, regardless of party affiliation.
This is a flagrant display of indifference towards your community’s safety.

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We were told there'd be puppies and Christmas lights. Promises broken. #gapol

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Among state employees, not even the governor gets a higher salary than the president of .@GeorgiaStateU. Here's an interesting list #gapol
Georgia State President Becker heads pay list at $2.8M in 2020

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We are serious about access to the ballot box. #GaSenateDems today introduced #SB26 that would ensure all early voting locations have drop boxes. #gapol 🗳

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We appreciated GMA providing a forum to help drive the partnership
with municipal officials across my home state of #Georgia. #gapol (2/2)


(Photo: 2019 GMA Annual Convention in Savannah)

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Meanwhile in Macon, Lin Wood and Cathy Cox face off. #gapol

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Make it make sense. Gwinnett County has a total of 79,588 cases! The most in the state, averaging 7k new cases a day. You are not a martyr. Just get tested and do your job. #gapol

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Today I recognized Senator @ossoff for becoming Georgia's first Jewish US Senator.

I had one minute to give a 2 minute speech.



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Proud of all the work being done in order to get this bill introduced today. Many community leaders have been working behind the scenes! Special shout out to: ⁦@FWDus⁩ GA team: @SamAguilarATL & ⁦@jaime_rangel91⁩ ⁩👏🏽 #GAPol #GASession #HB

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A member of the Georgia state House was removed from the chamber Tuesday for not abiding by the legislature’s COVID-19 testing policy. #gapol

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Georgia House lawmakers want to shift more money into public health and nursing homes, saying the state needs to spend more in response to the coronavirus pandemic. #gapol

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Members of Georgia House Democratic Caucus Host First Virtual Town Hall Meeting on State of Georgia Jails. Read more here: #gapol #gahouse

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“I’ve been to too many funerals.” Georgia House Speaker David Ralston has a member of his own caucus removed for refusing a COVID test. #gapol

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#Georgia’s budget has over $127 million dollars in it for PrivatePrisons. It’s time to #STOP this funding. #gapol

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A rare joint statement from the State House Democratic and Republican leaders after the Speaker kicked a fellow Republican State Rep out of the chamber for refusing the testing regimen required of all members and staff.


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#BrandonBeach, who is no longer Transportation chair, who also asked Mike Pence NOT to declare Biden the next president, backing Trump’s coup to overturn the election just hours before the insurrection.
Crybabies @BeachforGA & @RepDavidTClark need to GO. #electiondeniers #gapol

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Something both parties agree on: “We strongly support Speaker David Ralston in his efforts to preserve and protect the health and safety of the members and staff of the House of Representatives and all those who enter the doors of the Georgia State Capitol.” #gapol

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State leaders and economists believe Georgia's fiscal outlook is promising despite the economic strain from the COVID-19 pandemic, but some lawmakers say the state can do more to secure additional revenue. #gapol #gapolitics

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A bipartisan statement from the House majority and minority leaders supporting Speaker Ralstons decision to removed @RepDavidTClark from the chamber today. #gapol

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Here are some great public charter schools accepting fall enrollment. #gapol #schoolchoiceweek

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Bipartisan support for Speaker David Ralston, who booted a member from the House floor today for not getting COVID test. #gapol

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@GeoffDuncanGA despite opposing ending no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia does leave the door open to proposals for outlawing drop boxes — he said deciding on the absentee boxes would be done in committee. #gapol

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Joint Statement from the House Majority Leader and Minority Leader. Read more here: #gapol #gahouse

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Joint statement from House Majority+Minority Leaders about the Speaker's move to remove Rep. David Clark for failing to get COVID tested. #gapol

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Something that should raise conflict of interest concerns in press coverage of Mark Becker both now and especially at the time of his handing over daytime control of WRAS @album88atlanta to state-run @GPB. #gapol

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@GeoffDuncanGA on changing Georgia citizen’s arrest law: “I think there’s some opportunity there.”

He doesn’t give specifics on what he’d like changed on citizen’s arrest but says Georgians “expect” a law change after the Ahmaud Arbery case. #gapol

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📬 I delivered this ✉️ from Shaun, a 🗳 verified voter in Atlanta, Ga., to @POTUS #GA13 #GApol

📝 Write your own:

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Duncan says he does not support eliminating no-excuse absentee voting, but would support a photo ID requirement. @FOX5Atlanta #gapol

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@GeoffDuncanGA says he wants to focus on “meaningful election reform” this session including Voter ID law changes for absentee voting.

He makes clear he does not support ending no-excuse absentee voting.

“I think the best step forward is to create a photo ID process.” #gapol

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.@GeoffDuncanGA says he thinks there’s an opportunity for “serious, meaningful election reform,” he said. #gapol

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More: Lt. Gov. Duncan says there is an opportunity for lawmakers to take up "meaningful election reform." @FOX5Atlanta #gapol

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@GeoffDuncanGA focused this session on foster care (as he was last year) — including to improve services for foster kids with special needs.

He mentions working on “health-care policy” &” modernizing” educational programs. Also, create a new special-needs scholarship. #gapol

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"If their goals are to secure the integrity of elections and promote civic engagement, then they should tread carefully." @TimesHerald @Marc_Hyden #gapol

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Duncan says there will be an emphasis on foster care reform, healthcare, education. @FOX5Atlanta #gapol

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Duncan says foster care reform will continue to be a legislative priority. #gapol

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Georgia state legislator removed from House chamber for not taking COVID-19 test

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Clark says he won’t get tested because first responders, healthcare workers, teachers and the elderly need to get tested more than him. @11AliveNews

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It appears to be Republican Rep. David Clark of Buford.

Clark is part of a small anti-Speaker faction and, for the record, his father-in-law Sen. Brandon Beach is one of the lawmakers who had COVID-19 last session...

Members must be tested this session.

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Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) presiding over the U.S. Senate this morning...

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But given the @ajc ’s close ties to GSU, former Cox Enterprises CEO John Dyer sits on the Georgia State University Foundation Board, I’m concerned they’re coverage might be skewed to protect University officials:

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