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If you wondered about the beagle in Senator @ReverendWarnock’s #GeorgiaSenate campaign ads, meet Alvin... AND get great insights from @AndraGillespie and @hakeemjefferson, among others:

via @ShaneGoldmacher @nytimes #gapol #gasen

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Imagining the 2022 #GASen debates' fiery sermon battles between these two:

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@alltimehighdebt Even I was a bit worried. More so before the #GASen runoff's. This trend with incumbents is a bit weird tho.

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems

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#gasen #galeg #gapol georgia politics #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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Trump Recruits Top DOJ Official to Corruptly Overturn Georgia Election Results. This is beyond the criminal pale. Accountability is non-negotiable. Justice is non-negotiable. This MUST be investigated/prosecuted. Because #JusticeMatters via @YouTube

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@SteveSchmidtSES There is a profoundly important issue that is being grotesquely under covered in the media, particularly the business and tech media. It concerns the actions of 140 House Members led by
@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and 7 US Senators...

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Shameful that north Georgia elected this sorry excuse for a human being.

#gapol #gasen

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So, Cobb County, I suppose you’ll be looking for a new superintendent and a couple of school board members?
Not so great example for your children....

Remember, all politics start at the local level.
#gapol #gasen

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@bluestein Please ask the school boards to make their criteria for in-person instruction of students public in order to increase the faith in those decisions. #gapol #gasen

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Powerful stuff on Marjorie Taylor Greene here from @fred_guttenberg

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Live look IRL at the next dog #GASEN @ReverendWarnock pretends to own

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OF COURSE @ShaneGoldmacher has the best story about Warnock and the Beagle. He is just that good. #gasen

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Fascinating #GaSen 🍑 🐶

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NEW: It wasn't actually Warnock's dog.

My story on how Alvin the beagle helped deliver the first Black senator in Georgia and a Democratic-controlled Senate — and what it says about race and politics in America in 2021.

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It wasn’t ⁦⁦Warnock’s dog. W/ ⁦@AndraGillespie⁩ in ⁦⁦the @nytimes, I explain⁩ psychology of deracialization & how the cute pup is like a pumpkin spiced latte. Both have racial associations in our minds—fact not lost on Warnock’s team.

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@GaBudget Governor Brian Kemp @GovKemp fails Georgia again #gapol #gasen #galeg

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@EScrimshaw How easy is #GASen to hold? IMO, I think it's one of Dems' easier holds given the trendline

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A teacher's dying wish was for people to wear masks during the pandemic. 3 Cobb County, GA educators have died during COVID. At a school board meeting Thursday, 2 board members & the superintendent refused to wear masks even during a moment of silence. A staff member responds:

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@SenatorWarnock Two of my 2021 heroes, right here. #gasen #gapol

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@GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOPoversight @CRNC @gopleader @LeaderMcConnell @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @abc15 @azcentral @FOX10Phoenix @phoenixnewtimes #gapol
#gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46

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In arguing for a new coronavirus aid package, Biden says "well over 600,000" people will die of the coronavirus in the U.S.

About 412,000 have died so far.

"We're in a national emergency. We need to act like we're in a national emergency."

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Congratulations again, @SenatorWarnock & Georgia!

#gasen #gapol #117thCongress #FlipTheSenate = Done. ✔️

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The U.S. Senate couldn’t simply swear in @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock once their election victories were certified. First, there was a matter of paperwork. That’s where a veteran aide, a manila envelope and a secretive flight enter the story. #gapol #gasen

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“Ever since former Sen. Kelly Loeffler denounced the WNBA's support for Black Lives Matter last summer, players have been pressuring the league to force her to sell her stake in the Atlanta Dream basketball team”

Story from @emmapeaslee#gapol #gasen

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Let’s keep it going in 2022 🗽

#VoteWarnock2022 #gapol #gasen

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@SenSchumer As a #Georgia voter, I thank you. I voted for Senators @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock in part because they are awesome and have great policies . . . but also because I wanted to take away control from @LeaderMcConnell! #GASEN

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Senator Raphael Warnock and Senator Jon Ossoff voted to confirm General Lloyd Austin for Defense Secretary. Those are my senators, by the way. Representative Lucy McBath is my congresswoman. #GApol #GAsen #Dunwoody #Georgia #DekalbCounty

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#ga14 #gasen #galeg #gapolitics georgia #atlanta Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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"Madison Cawthorn has misled the public about training for the Paralympics, just as he misrepresented his education and business history"

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QAnon crashes and burns

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Georgia, please pay attention. This woman has got to go!
#gapol #gasen

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Some personal news: I’m proud to share that I’ll be joining Senator @ReverendWarnock’s team as his Legislative Director.

This is a dream fulfilled, and I’m so excited to get to work helping him fight for health, jobs, & justice for Georgia in the US Senate. 🍑 #GaSen #GaPol

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Attn @Dscc @SenSchumer @DickDurbin @amyklobuchar @SenBooker @SenBrianSchatz @SenMarkKelly #GASen

Americans UNDOUBTEDLY voted for
DO NOT GIVE #GrimReaper 🤬 an inch!

⭐D have TOO MUCH WORK to do,
little time,
+multiple problems to fix

(thx again to R's!)

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Needless to say, if Biden can’t get Collins on board, Dems will have a problem getting 60 votes in the Senate and will have to rethink their plans - either passing it piecemeal now or use the budget reconciliation process to advance provisions later in the year.

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2022: #GASEN: Tilt Democrat #Gapol

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#GA14 #gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia politics #atlanta #GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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According to Media Matters, Facebook posts from 2018 appear to show QAnon believer Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) agreeing with debunked conspiracy theories about deadly mass school shootings.

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@funder @RepMTG @JoeBiden @mmfa Every #SandyHook and #Parkland parent need to send her a picture of the child they lost. She does not deserve her office #Georgia #gapol #gasen

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#LISTEN: Yesterday, Senator @ossoff spoke with @themariaboynton of @V103Atlanta/@WAOK about President @JoeBiden’s inauguration, his own historic swearing in, and his priorities to deliver for Georgians. #GAPol #GASen

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Marjorie Taylor Greene completely flames out over Sandy Hook

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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Fact check: 11 false claims Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has tweeted in the last month

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It begins. @mtgreenee is fundraising off her effort to impeach @JoeBiden. Will GOP rubes fall for this?

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Ossoff sworn in on Hebrew Bible from synagogue bombed by white supremacists in the 1950s

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Explore how we arrived at (razor-thin) #Democratic control of the U.S. #Senate, including 3 new Senators this week.
#GASen #GApol

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New U.S. Senators today include:
-Alex Padilla, 1st Latino senator from California.
-Rafael Warnock, Georgia’s 1st Black senator.
-Jon Ossoff, Georgia's first Jewish senator and, at age 33, the Senate’s first member from the millennial generation.

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"...this is a representation of the new South. It is more open, it is more inclusive, it is forward-looking, & it is embracing of a future that seeks to provide the best for all of our children." — @ReverendWarnock to @CNN's @FWhitfield

Go, Dems! #gasen

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