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 9 months ago

We’re now live with @dignitas’ gaming world-champ @EMUHLEET and comedian @lilly Singh on #PayItForwardLIVE to support America’s small businesses. Tune in now.

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 9 months ago

@Verizon @TwitterLive @dignitas @EMUHLEET @Lilly

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@Verizon @TwitterLive @dignitas @EMUHLEET @Lilly Might be folly but fuck it I'm watchin anyway! Youknowthefuckenvibesbruh

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@Verizon @TwitterLive @dignitas @EMUHLEET @Lilly Yo can/how do I cast this to my TV?

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Want to know and do more about equity and racial representation in science and academia? Friends and colleagues across several institutions came up with this awesome article for you to read! #fundblackscientists

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Whew! This piece highlighting NIH funding disparities is 🔥! From the content to the dynamic author list; many of whom I consider role models, mentors, and colleagues! Let’s amplify their voices! #fundblackscientists

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I encourage everyone to read the linked paper. Not just NIH folks. #fundblackscientists

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.@MakeupForWOC New publication highlighting NIH funding disparities against Black scientists - and what they can do to stop it! Please boost #fundblackscientists

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