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“The Demon In My House”

A lot of people have been asking my opinion on the shadow person shanes talking about in this video. I think it's an earth bound spirit thats been following shane since he was a kid and is overprotective of him. it explains why its trying to scare away people close to him often

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 6 months ago

@mawnei @antphrodite For sure past life or ancestral.

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@YfatSoulZisso im gunna have to rewatch it later. ive been in a weird headspace/stressed tf out today and I couldn't absorb everything. I'll get back to you on this! I was too distracted and aloof today.

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@mommyof2dogs i don't believe its an actual "shadow person" if it was negative or a demon it would have done something more "sinister" by now. its trying to scare people people. to push them away

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@antphrodite Even though he was creeped out by the girl painting I got really pure innocent vibes from it! Did you get the same??

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and a process of thanking it for "helping" you and demanding it no longer be around for it's job is done. explaining that they won't be condemned on the other side, and that they are forgiven. envision a white light in a door opening up and them walking into it.

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of being condemned or going to "hell" (spoiler alert: hell doesn't exist lol) and they make it their mission to do one last good thing to get in the good graces of whatever higher power they believe in. removing them usually requires direct communication with the spirit

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if you deal with trauma as a child, sometimes spirits can attach themselves to you as their way of "protecting" you from bad things. it could be a paternal or maternal entity that hasn't crossed over yet. a lot of times they want to do good before they cross over due to fear

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 6 months ago

@antphrodite Idk, shadow people are usually a negative spirit. At least, that's my experience.

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@antphrodite Oh shit. Now I HAVE to watch.

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