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 6 months ago

I deleted everything. I’m done. For those who wanted me to “address it” I did. I’m sure u can find it reposted somewhere. But I don’t want this energy in my life or on my timeline. I’m too sensitive for this shit and I’m done.

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@lorenmengersen @shanedawson Cancel culture can never cancel Shane. He's too strong he's too loved. I will defend him always

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 6 months ago

@elchapotavo @shanedawson if u don’t like him don’t follow

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 6 months ago

@mvgical_ @shanedawson Like he and Jeffree broke James

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@shanedawson Your true fans will always be here to support you! I 100% support this! Do what’s best for your mental and emotional health!!! Love u!!!

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 6 months ago
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 6 months ago

@shanedawson Anyone else that hates cancel culture say I

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@SnapFlow69 Bart is a Jet. He was never going to pick us. If you don’t believe get out! #BillsMafia

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Every single bills fan during Johnson's pick 6. #BillsMafia

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#nortepelonorte #AltasHoras #BillsMafia #ROSE #enem2021 #หวานใจมิวกลัฟ #TEAMWANGthevelvet #coronavirus #UFCFightIsland7 #digitalart

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It was so loud on this play that you would of thought we were at 100% capacity #BillsMafia

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All The Way From QwaQwa... The Name Is MashkaZA


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The ability to adjust your game plan both in game and week to week along with the willingness to do so and the trust involved with all to do is special! Appreciate it @BuffaloBills and #BillsMafia ! This is truly special!

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@warloc6 Sweet isn’t it! Woooo! #BillsMafia #BillsByABillion

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You younger #BillsMafia, this is how we felt back in that Golden Era( I was in middle school, so only kind of old) enjoy it, celebrate it and know this team is built for more. I hope to see the Lombardi raised in my hometown.

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