Cobb County, Georgia election officials plan to slash the number of early voting locations from eleven to five for the upcoming runoff election. This move will harm Black and Latinx voters as many of these polling places serve communities of color.

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@BrrrLaStrange @NAACP_LDF yep. back @ it again.

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@bryc_e90 Profile picture Bryce Long


 1 month ago

@KaneyJake @NAACP_LDF @GOP They think with the amount of cheating they did, the only way to have been beaten is by the other side cheating too.

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@NancyRed_Xo Profile picture LittleRed_Xo


 1 month ago

@angryafroradio @NAACP_LDF @SteveFM20 I suppose then will have to hear about all the fraud associated with that. ๐Ÿ™„

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@KaneyJake Profile picture Jake Kaney


 1 month ago

@NAACP_LDF The @GOP hates democracy.

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@NAACP_LDF Here we go! This is the real voter fraud! Constantly trying to make it harder to vote!

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 1 month ago

@NAACP_LDF @fairfightaction What a shocking surprise!!!! Who would have ever imagined it.

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@NAACP_LDF @TananariveDue Jokes on them. Most chose mail-in ballots. ๐Ÿ˜œ

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@NAACP_LDF @SteveFM20 Destroying USPS mail sorters . implementing voter id "laws" . reducing time to vote and polling places . what were tRump and the rest of the republiCONS saying about rigged elections again

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@NAACP_LDF @SteveFM20 Mail-in ballots for everyone!!

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