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These are the 10 Best Country Albums of 2020:

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@CountryNow @KipMooreMusic @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde Kip Moore is the Best

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@CountryNow @KipMooreMusic @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde Yes!!!! This makes me so happy... I'm usually asking where's Kip... They are taking notice n finally we what have seen all along, Kip will always be my number one Guitar Man, your wont change my mind, congrats Captain 💗💗

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@CountryNow @KipMooreMusic @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde Omg ppl say congratulations to all & call it a day!!! #winnerwinnercountrydinner

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@CountryNow @KipMooreMusic @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde So happy @KipMooreMusic is on this list !!!

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@CountryNow @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @KipMooreMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde What about Carrie, Keith Urban and a few others. It just seems that there is bias among those who chose what gets put on an album...not cool

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@CountryNow @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @KipMooreMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde @LukeBryanOnline the best🤠💙👍🏻

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@CountryNow @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @KipMooreMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde I have 7 of those albums ❤️❤️

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@CountryNow @LukeBryanOnline @leebrice @GabbyBarrett_ @HardyMusic @KipMooreMusic @IngridAndress @bretteldredge @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @AshleyMcBryde Love love love @bretteldredge and Sunday Drive

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Expel all gang members from Congress. Here's one of Marjorie Taylor Greene using her gang signs☝️👌at the metal detector at the House floor... also displaying defiance with her "Molon Labe" mask.

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#QCongress American government should not allow #QCongress or other #Traitors

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#Qcongress #Qcongress #Qcongress #Qcongress #Qcongress #Qcongress #Qcongress #QCongress

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