Well guys, here’s news for you! I’m super glad and excited to be a part of this! Here’s to a new journey!♥️

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Inspired by real events, the story of India’s most daring RAW mission inside Pakistan! #MissionMajnu

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@iamRashmika Account hacked ?

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@iamRashmika What mam

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@iamRashmika Mam please check inbox..please

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@iamRashmika 🐒🐒🐒

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@iamRashmika Where 😂

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@iamRashmika Hi mam

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@iamRashmika Oru like kudutha life time happy ya irupe Sis.... ❤

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#AnxietyMakesMe worry abt anything i do in my life.
(i have several) makes me nervous to go out in public to literally go to the store.
make me extremely twitchy and shaky.
+ more.

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#AnxietyMakesMe throw up when its too much,,

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#AnxietyMakesMe constantly feel restricted,helpless and useless. i’ve taken days off school and stayed in bed for hours because it feels like it has taken over my life sometimes.

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#AnxietyMakesMe scared to get a job 😭

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#AnxietyMakesMe anxiety literally makes me twitch. when i get super anxious i have really bad muscle spasms and one time i almost threwy phone :/

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#AnxietyMakesMe avoid going into the kitchen to get food because I’m afraid of what my family will think. It makes me avoid going out in public at all costs, hide my smile with my hands, and question the loyalty of my friends and family on a daily basis. I hide behind a door.

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@DoYouEvenLif OH AND ANOTHER #AnxietyMakesMe a very bad traveler! a Sagittarius failure! being Someplace New means Bad Things Could Happen™️, so vacations or trips are a tough to relax on.

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#AnxietyMakesMe Shit my pants on a daily basis .

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