Queen’s Gambit but she lies awake thinking up tweets that get 20 likes

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Ignore look away this is just for my convenience haha

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Hi just wanted to add that if you followed me in the last couple days that I think you’re very cool and thank you very much! Hi!👋

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I lied this is the last one but it’s not mine it’s @derek_scully u should follow him he’s funnier than me

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Last one, thank u for watching 🤗

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Another one

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Thank u for enjoying this tweet I also make videos sometimes

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@chelseathepope Best film I have seen all year. Lol along with Soul

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@TokyoDilf @chelseathepope this is writing itself

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 4 weeks ago

@chelseathepope In the last episode she goes to Russia to face dril

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Last video of impressions and I will leave you alone for 5 minutes thank u for watching and being very nice

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 2 months ago

When I put on a leather jacket and think I’m in a crime drama

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 3 months ago

Bummed I got cut out of #TheSocialDilemma, but it still turned out great.

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 3 months ago

When it’s time to go job hunting again Powlah’s got you

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 4 months ago

In response to the Delta ads I keep seeing lately promoting their all-new “higher standards”

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 2 years ago

i challenge any man who thinks that my 7 handsome border collies are too loud through-out the day to a round of Chess, the game of kings

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Wrestling Brain with myself and @j0shc

10pm ET right after #AEWDynamite

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#AEWDynamite take my energy, shanna

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Dax Harwood is such a phenomenal. #AEWDynamite

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Britt Baker carries herself so so well #AEWDynamite

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They better play the Good Brothers Theme
#AEW #AEWDynamite

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One hell of a match between @DaxFTR and @boy_myth_legend. Well done gents. More of that please. #AEWDynamite 👏👏

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We definitely need to see more of Super Saiyan @Shannanjii on #AEWDynamite!!!

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