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@carmeloanthony @Socialchangefnd I agree Carmelo I’ve got to vote to save the country

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 2 weeks ago

@carmeloanthony @Socialchangefnd Who am I voting for?

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@carmeloanthony @Socialchangefnd Yes vote to defeat two radical marxists

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 2 weeks ago
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Those who lost their lives to covid were not acknowledged by trump. These are lives lost. They all mattered. #COVIDMemorial #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Christmas Eve in my family is a day of kindness & beautiful lights & singing & rememberance of those lost & barely contained excitement.

And the next day…we rejoice.

Today feels like America’s Christmas Eve.


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ANY $ the US expected to spend on Trump as a 2X impeached 1-term ex-president should instead go into a Covid Memorial Fund. Used to assist those who have lost someone &/or dealing w lingering medical/financial issues. Instead of a Library #COVIDMemorial

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Just drop this African hip hop lovers tunes please lend me your time and stream ..if the music isn’t nice I will refund your money and data

#COVIDMemorial #OlogodidanWeddingDay #OUT NOW #music #newmusic

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Tonight we remember the 2,109 San Diegans and the more than 400,000 Americans we lost because of COVID-19. #COVIDMemorial

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@JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris today made emotive speeches full of humble respect for others.

Decency, integrity, kindness and honour are all qualities we desire in our leaders.

What a refreshing change the next four years are set to be 💯


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Took a moment for remembrance with our own #COVIDMemorial tonight.

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