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Ainda sobre a importância do diálogo, Denise e @marcelotas
comentam sobre a "lacração” da internet e da dificuldade de estabelecer uma conversa saudável entre partes que pensam diferente. #Provoca

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@tvcultura @MarceloTas Amor essa gata linda.
Ela possui uma menina.dentro D'Ela quê nunca envelhece.tipo sininho da terra do piter pan.
Att eu Júlio de Salvador Ba

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Or like Dale and Clare's daughter? Or Ellen Pompeo? #TheBachelor #thebachelorabc

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I had tv trouble at one point so I do not actually know why Sarah couldn’t come to after party, was it just her or was it some kind of teams thing #TheBachelor

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They’re wrong for letting Matt have this ashy lip on this group date. #TheBachelor

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Anna: this week has been really hard we deserve a break.

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Sarah clearly has some insecurities she needs to resolve #TheBachelor

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The fact that Matt James doesn’t ever close his eyes when he kisses is a major red flag for me.... #TheBachelor #creep

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I didn't realize high school girls were allowed to be on the bachelor?
Or do most of them just act that way? #TheBachelor

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