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Quoted @KayMattoxxx

black twitter today


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@wyldboytazz_ @DwyaneWade @Drake Thanks bro ima steal this hook, have a great day

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 2 weeks ago

@DwyaneWade Didn’t we burn down Portland for like a month?

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@DwyaneWade Everything’s has gone down hill for the world since we lost Kobe Bryant

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@louisvuittonfly @DwyaneWade 😅😅😅😅😅

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 2 weeks ago

@DwyaneWade Yo was good

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@DwyaneWade Give me the “D” Wade 😹😹😹😹

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@DwyaneWade Yo world what’s yahll cashapp? Ima artist from the East coast trying to spread my music around the 🌎 & my dream is to get @drake ft on my single “Back2Business”! Im cashapp’n $10 to first 10 ppl to @drake under and tell him hop on! Drop $ tags below 🤟🏾

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 2 weeks ago

@DwyaneWade Just gonna put this video of me here

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Real estate investor Mark Ethridge is a hero.

“We are capitalists..We believe in capitalism. But if it’s going to survive, we have to make it work for more people. A lot more people.”

Charlotte may have cracked code on affordable housing. #tuesdayvibe

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Check out my top picks from Norwood Chapters SS20 - via @linqmag #tuesdayvibe

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Can Zondo tell us how Sydney Mafumadi came to testify #StateCaptureCommission coz there is suspicion that Pretorius & Zondo are colluding with certain actors to choose & set up pple to give specific testimonies #tuesdayvibe #DloziLami #KaizerChiefs #OrlandoPirates #PAKvSA

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Becky will stand up for Becky without knowing not just the whole but not even the introduction to the story. Ain’t nobody scared over here. #TuesdayVibe

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As soon as #Biden gets in office #China pulls as fast one on #India He's to busy getting #trans into the our #Military to react. Printing money until the #USA burst like a fat kid who's eats to much #cake #tuesdayvibe

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Doocy Benghazi Mike Lindell ImpeachAndConvict=BIDEN
Sikh By 2025 Credit Karma Rand Paul #tuesdayvibe

Schiff/Swalwell lying each day
Qcnn UNNAMED sources spouting lies 24/7 for 4 yrs



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🥺 Here we go. $AMD

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Random, useless information you don’t need 🤩 #tuesdayvibe #TuesdayFeeling

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