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 2 weeks ago

My guest on the latest episode of @JHillUnbothered is @michaelsmith. We have an extremely candid convo about what went right and wrong at ESPN. We also discuss our present and future. It’s the pod you’ve been waiting for. Download/subscribe FOR FREE ->

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@CliffHolmes @jemelehill @JHillUnbothered @michaelsmith Say that again!!!

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 2 weeks ago

@bholcomb @jemelehill @JHillUnbothered @michaelsmith oh SNAP. i'm in

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@jemelehill @JHillUnbothered @michaelsmith You were guilty of being black. That’s all. I’m sorry. I enjoyed your show.

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@jemelehill @JHillUnbothered @michaelsmith I. Cannot. Wait to hear this!

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 2 weeks ago

@jemelehill @JHillUnbothered @michaelsmith Yass been waiting on this!!

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I LOVE Kam, but girl calm it down. Zero reason for you to cause a moment. Take that skull and chill #TheChallenge36

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Kam and Theresa rivalry?? It’s kinda serving #TheChallenge36

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Hopefully Jay gets thrown into the crater and wins so he can change partners #TheChallenge36

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I always love when Theresa moves back fire on her every season that she does 😂 #Realitytvgold #thechallenge36

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EVERYONE at one point in the last almost 20yrs has thrown a challenge at least once! I hate the short term memory players #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36

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Don’t come in my bro CT like that teresa you did this to yourself !!!! #TheChallenge36

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Not Theresa crying 😩😂😂 #thechallenge36

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Theresa rocked the boat and didn't plan on getting wet... #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36

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