Dear all
It's been a 1.5 year long struggle to bring Master to u. All we have is hope that you'll enjoy it in theatres. If u come across leaked clips from the movie, please don't share it 🙏🏻 Thank u all. Love u all. One more day and #Master is all yours.

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@iam_tharunn Profile picture Tharun Kumar


 1 week ago

@ThalaAditya @Dir_Lokesh Watha valimai aama naai varuvaan la. Setheengada.

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@Dir_Lokesh Stay Strong Bro 🙏


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@Deltaitis Profile picture Kapitan Deltã


 1 week ago

@Dir_Lokesh Me for next two days

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@Dir_Lokesh Stay Strong Loki Anna ♥️🙌

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@Dir_Lokesh Nice Intro 🤟


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@sivasivesh25 Profile picture M.S.Sivesh


 1 week ago

@Dir_Lokesh Only on theatre😎❤️

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@balavfc8 Profile picture Balavfc


 1 week ago
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@Dir_Lokesh Stay strong bro

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Victoria might be the least attractive contestant to ever make it this far #TheBachelor

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fascinating psychological study on #TheBachelor tonight! what happens when a genuinely good-hearted person becomes the villain, and then what happens when said villain is punished too much? as always, the moral is to be kind because you never know what someone is going through!

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the second take-home is that nobody in america is better at their job than the producers of this show! anyone running an election campaign should hire them immediately, because week in and week out, they completely manipulate me on how to feel! #TheBachelor

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My favorites on #TheBachelor so far are Katie and Bri.

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I feel like Sarah has a few manipulative tendencies and no one else notices #TheBachelor

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Victoria is starting to make a little bit of sense, just a little little bit

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