It’s been a difficult start to the New Year, but we continue looking to the optimism and human spirit found in stories of @StJude patients who beat the odds every day. Through their eyes, we see hope and the promise in a mission of love and care.

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 1 month ago

@RickShadyac @StJude Praying for each child

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@RickShadyac @StJude My message to everyone at @StJude Never give up, Never surrender. I can do all things through Christ Whom Strengthens me.

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Bonjour Dionne,

I'm a country bumpkin with a penchant for talking to animals. I also enjoy professional wrestling, cheesecakes and having an opinion.




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@dionnewarwick Did we miss it? Are you still writing bios coz we neeeeed one! We got jokes or cake, whichever you prefer 😊 #dionnewarwick

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I met you on my wedding day at the Cesars Palace swimming pool over 20 yrs ago ❤️ #dionnewarwick

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@dionnewarwick I would LOVE to have a bio as a fellow student of Dionne Warwick Institute of Economics & Entrepreneurship. I once met and sang for you with the school choir at the Newark Hall of Records (~2009)& always hoped I would be able to have another interaction with you. #dionnewarwick

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JUST IN: $EYES #dionnewarwick @Lorenzo_Stocks @AdrianVella11 @LalitteG $OZSC $EYES $PUGE $AABB #MWN

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#dionnewarwick I voted for you - good luck!

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