Another solid effort in OKC. That's 7-0 on the road to start the year, a franchise record.

@KingJames: 26 pts, 6 reb, 7 ast
@AntDavis23: 18 pts, 7 reb
@MONSTATREZZ: 21 pts, 6 reb

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@ChingKaiLok1 Profile picture Jarred Lok


 1 week ago

@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Easiest schedule of all time. Play a real team frauds

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@ShawnWard33 Profile picture Colts


 1 week ago
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@undrmar @Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Notis on

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@Strive4G8ness23 Profile picture Ω‹


 1 week ago

@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ get a rim protector

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@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Top team

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@jreambig_ Profile picture josh


 1 week ago

@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Road warriors

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@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Now win Friday and keep the winning streak going

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@Lakers @KingJames @AntDavis23 @MONSTATREZZ Lmaoo poverty team compared to the nets

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.@mall0rie Shinra begs the woman in black to provide one second of Adolla Grace to help him take down Tempe straight to hell immediately!πŸ”₯😈We're on episode 34 on #Toonami next week #FireForce

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.@childishgamzeno Ogun unleashed his Flamy Ink just like being a stand user in Jojo's Bizarre AdventureπŸ’₯to kick Tempe's ass straight to hell!πŸ”₯😈We're on episode 34 on #Toonami next week #FireForce πŸ”₯πŸš’

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They sure do! Join me Sunday 6pm PT LIVE with special guests @JenLosi (Rinko) and @KingJonAllen (Critter) to talk about it all!

#Toonami #SwordArtOnline #anime @ToonamiNews

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Seriously though, how the hell does Kayaba do the things that he does? For all accusations of Kirito being a Gary Stu, I'd argue that Kayaba's a far bigger deus ex machina (now a literal machina). #SwordArtOnline #Toonami

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