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 6 days ago

The US Capitol riot risks supercharging a new age of political repression | Akin Olla

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 5 days ago

@guardian .....or it could turn out to be the lancing of a particularly disgusting boil. Look on the bright side!

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#TrumpsLastDay is worthy of a resumption of non-cakey Bookman business. Each book has been chosen for a specific reader - that’s The Bookman. They need to be wrapped and then they’ll be sent out to the UK, US, Canada, India, and Europe. Of course, we #avoidamazon and #shoplocal

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statement from the Chinese foreign ministry 👇officials among the sanction list along with their family members are prohibited entering Chinese soil (mainland, Hong Kong&Macao), no business with Chinese firms. #China #TrumpsLastDay

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Ab ki bat ..... #Biden Sarkar

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After 4 years, I woke up and remembered what it's like to live in a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that EVERYONE is created equal. #TrumpsLastDay

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@at_lv61 @thehill @MELANIATRUMP Maybe he’s not wearing his shoe lifts today.
#TrumpsLastDay #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021

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