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 6 days ago

Outrage as people in Coventry offered Covid jab over 100 miles away

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@grahamph @guardian Cold storage issues too. Temperature needs to be kept constant extremely cold.

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@andrewhall64 Profile picture Andrew Hall


 6 days ago

@guardian At present the over 80's are getting the covid jab, who in there right mind sends them on a 100mile trip, they have no idea of logistics! send for the Army.

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@guardian The Govt starts the ramp out of vaccinations & increasing sites (hint, may take some time to have a major site in each large/med city) & a left wing rag, tries to score political points, when it was only announced today 3m shots given, shit that must have annoyed you..

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@grahamph Profile picture grahamph


 6 days ago

@guardian There are clearly supply issues, otherwise it would be done local.

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@guardian Crazy

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@GGPotterer Profile picture GG Potterer


 6 days ago

@guardian Can I go there and get mine. Might be 160 miles for me

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@Reluctant_tweet Profile picture BeeAche


 6 days ago

@guardian I'll drive 100km for a jab.

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@guardian The Proclaimers would go for it, though

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@guardian Outrage... or annoyance? Not ideal but hardly a disaster

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Ok SDNY, Arrest the criminal racist Q-Anon misogynistic rapist traitor mother fucker now!

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Bye Bye motherfucker and hooker wife.


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God bless America.

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#InaugurationDay #ByeByeTrump
This is some inauguration day that's for darned sure!

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