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 6 days ago

Happy Hyungwon Day

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Just watched @PressSec Jen Psaki’s press briefing. What a difference competence makes! It was almost jarring #PressConference

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Today is better than yesterday, but that shouldn't be enough. Keep fighting for what's right. Keep demanding better from your politicians. They work FOR us. #InaugurationDay #PressConference

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My wife turned to me and asked if we were watching an episode of The West Wing. CJ Craig in the house! #PressConference #WestWing

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Okay. @prophiphop is responsible for trending #PressConference in the US-of-A. beep beep, robot said.

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1st Press Briefing....MAN IT’S GREAT TO SEE COMPETENCY!! #PresidentBiden #PressConference #pressbriefing

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Major kudos to Jen Psaki @PressSec. I’d almost forgotten what a calm, civilized, lie-free press room feels like. CJ Cregg would be proud. #whatsnext #PressConference

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Man, didn't know I'd be so stoked to go back to normal, boring, daily Press Conferences at the White House.


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If only @Acosta could have got in that room just once more so that he could have a pleasant experience with @PressSec ...

Thanks for the battles chief 🙏

#presssecretary #PressConference #InaugurationDay

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