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 1 month ago
Toonami's trending at Number FIVE with #SSSSGridman?!?! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, Y'ALL! 😭

Toonami's trending at Number FIVE with #SSSSGridman?!?! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, Y'ALL! 😭

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@BranMci See you next week!

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@BranMci Thank You

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@BranMci After some snooping, it is definitely a sequel to the tokusatsu but they named it after both the tokusatsu and english adaptation. Knowledge acquired!

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@BranMci So my question now is, was this anime created after the american adaptation of the tokusatsu or is it just named after the american adaptation 🧐 time to research

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@BranMci We #Toonami Faithfuls get it done every week! 😤💪🏽

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@BranMci Thank YOU for taking part in this resurgence of my favorite childhood show.

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@roserhapsodies Thx! Leah is a recent graduate mistreated in her office job. The day she passes the site of a recent suicide her life changes. She is trolled by a spirit of a young man only she can see. Helping him on his way on will help her escape the job that is killing her.
#F #YA

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Magical disaster collegiates - a half-elf, changeling, glitter-loving hedge witch, and two half-dragons (badly) sharing a body - struggle with their parental legacies while attempting to uncover an increasingly dangerous magic-stealing assailant on campus. #PitMad #UF #A

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How do you kill a god-like mirror creature in the realm between worlds? Ice giantess Rune and Viking Kjeld will have to find a way- or lose their families. Carnivorous unicorns and a budding rebellion of Outcasts might come in handy.
#PitMad #F #A

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GREAT GATSBY, BUT QUEER: When Daisy meets Nick a decade after Jay’s brush with death, she brings her daughter with her. Pam is a queer, bookish girl afraid of being forced to conform, but Nick & Jay aren’t about to let Pam grow into anything but her true self. #PitMad #A #HF #OWN

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Anthropology grad student researching magical tokens in old house digs up evidence of a current crime.

Then a child goes missing…and when her own buried past is discovered, all fingers point to her.

There’s nothing supernatural about the evil in this town.

#pitmad #A #S #M

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Eco-conscious Prema loves the Indian festival “Ganesha Chaturthi”, honoring the elephant-god. When the immersive rituals threaten to pollute the river, she makes a “greener” alternative. In this #OWN story, a child leads a big environmental change in her small town. #PitMad #PB

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Ella's 1st love left her for a job across the country & her pap died that same summer. Four years later she's still hiding from the pain. Inheriting her grandmother's house & returning to the scene of emotional trauma finally forces her to confront her past.

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