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Space Jam
Big Ben

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Kennedy never expected to be named guardian to her sister's kids. Or for them to have abilities. Taken into super-hero witness protection, her life is turned topsy-turvy. But when a zealot threatens her new family, she knows she’ll do anything to keep them safe. #A #WF #PitMad

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Okay #Pitmad friends. I've retweeted everyone who promised to retweet me, but I'm not seeing the love from most of you. Broken promises? *sniff*
@EdgarMahaffey87 you're 👍

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CHARMED x STRANGER THINGS Izzie is a Black 15 yr old girl who see ghosts & she's a witch. After a dream about kids dying in a fire comes true, Izzie must use her new powers to save the 1 survivor from the demon who wants his soul.
Set in NYC
#PitMad #YA #BVM #UF #OWN

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Invisible Elek risks expulsion from Invisible School when he conjures a Magic Bond to help Visible Lucy. He must master his magical gadgets, make the legendary Invisibility Soap and outwit Lucy’s uncle if he’s to succeed and be worthy of Grandelder’s dying wish. #Pitmad #MG

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We Are Stars

A nurse came by, like every day
And stood by Elly’s side
“How do you feel? Are you okay?”
He asked, and Elly sighed

And Elly saw a thousand suns
Some red, some blue, some white
And she and Fay were yellow ones
Both beaming forth their light


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'FLORIDA MAN’ killed by local celebrity elephant. His devastated wife plunges into a high profile lawsuit. As the press swarm Sage must overcome her grief to survive the surprise witness’s opioid revelation and keep her family from falling apart #PitMad #A #WF #MA #MH #CON

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I thought #PitMad was brad pitt but nevermind

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