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Happy Birthday to Winner’s Yoon!

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Bop after bop, a totally no-skip night of performances! πŸ‘


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The tension is real! πŸ”₯


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Get ready for some onstage extravagances with great songs and killer dance moves! Don't miss #MusicBank this Saturday!

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We hit the jackpot on #MusicBank because our favorite idols are going to set the stage on fire this Saturday! πŸ™Œ

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Don't be shy! πŸ™ˆ Any titos and titas of K-Pop here?

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Here the concerts you can watch and enjoy from the safe confines of your home. πŸ™Œ


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The agencies' pride is at stake! Will the BIG3 judges pick worthy candidates?


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Talent overload! Catch GFRIEND later on #SimplyKPop!

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MooMoos, it is going to be a great Sunday for us! See you on #SimplyKPop!

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Simply amazing voices and visuals! Watch VIXX tomorrow on #SimplyKPop!

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Are you ready, NCTzens? See you on #MusicBank!

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AROHAs where you at? See you tomorrow on #SimplyKPop!

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Because we are more than just music, we offer an experience that resonates!

See you tonight on #ImLive!

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If you wannabe happy by watching the best girls, make sure to watch #MusicBank!

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Happy Birthday to Seungkwan of Seventeen!

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Happy Birthday to Jennie of BLACKPINK!

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Tell us your main KPop group without actually telling us. 😁

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Hear their amazing stories and their musical inspiration on #SidewalkTalk with Lauren Engel!

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