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Mel C / Melanie C / Sporty Spice - Updates from the Singer, Songwriter.
My new album ‘Melanie C’ is available now!

London, UK

Joined on 26 May, 2009

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😀 Excited to be performing tomorrow on #SaturdayMashUp on @cbbc at 9:00am GMT!

Don't miss it! 💛 💜

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💥 Thanks for having me @VogueSpain I love these pictures! Muchas Gracias ❤️💛. #VogueFebrero

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🎶 🖤 I've recorded an acoustic version of #IntoYou and it's out now!

📺 Check it out!
🎧 Stream now:

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#TBT 👟 "There’s never been a better time to revisit her pre-millennium looks for a refresher on the doyenne of ’90s sportswear’s style. Swing it, shake it!" 😉 - @BritishVogue #TeamSporty

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👠😍 A fun cameo in the lovely @celeste's new video that's out tomorrow!

... Stay tuned! #LoveIsBack

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🔎 Finally! This is the FINAL CLUE for @MelanieCmusic #HappyBirthdayMelanieC game!

🔥YESSSS!!! Can you finally guess the answer?


💕 Good luck!

#MelanieC #MelC #SportySpice #Game #Contest #TeamMelanieC #TeamSporty

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME!
💥🔎 Sixth and final clue!
🍀 Good luck everyone.
Winners will be contacted by email on Monday Jan 18th!

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🇵🇹Esta é a sexta pista do Passatempo #HappyBirthdayMelanieC Consegues adivinhar? Envie sua resposta para Certifique-te que estás inscrito em @MelanieCmusic no canal do YouTube, segue o Spotify e inscreva-te na Newsletters da Melanie C. Boa sorte!

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME!
🥽💥 Clue # 6 - Only 1 to go!

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😎 Everything I wore for my #IntoYou Video!

♥️ Thank you Paper Magazine for the brilliant piece and to my lovely stylist/director #GrahamCruz responsible for all my looks in the video.

Check it out

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Wir sind an der Reihe 😱😍!
Der 5te Hinweis!
It's our turn ❤😍!!
The 5th clue!
You know the rules, now enter 🙌!
Be sure to subscribe to Melanie C's YouTube channel, follow on Spotify and sign up to Melanie's newsletter!

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME!
💥 Fifth Clue

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It's a "My faves" kinda start to the weekend 🥳

I want this t shirt! Have a great weekend @NadiaFayth 😘

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This is the fourth clue of the #HappyBirthdayMelanieC game. Can you guess it?

Send your answer to

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Only 3 more clues to go! Good luck

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME!
😎 Fourth Clue

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Third clue of the #HappyBirthdayMelanieC ... have you guessed the word already? 🤫 Send it to, and follow Mel on Spotify, YouTube and subscribe to the Newsletter. Good luck!!
#Melaniec  #música  #viva  #newmusic #WhoIAm 

Fuente: @melaniecmusic

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME
🕵🏻 Third clue

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🇧🇷 Esta é a segunda pista para a palavra secreta do jogo de aniversário da @melaniecmusic
Como estão até agora?
Já tem alguma ideia?
Boa sorte a todos! 🤞🏼
🇬🇧 This is the second clue for the secret word of Melanie C Birthday game!

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME.
🔎 Second Clue

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Aquí tenemos la primera pista del concurso #HappyBirthdayMelanieC ¿Pueden adivinar qué es?

This is the first clue of the #HappyBirthdayMelanieC game. Can you guess what it is?
#MelanieC #MelanieCMexico #MelanieCStreetTeams #HappyBirthdayMelanieC #OfficialMelanieCStreetMx

#HappyBirthdayMelanieC GAME
⚠️ First Clue

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Had a great chat with @zanelowe about solo work, @spicegirls and friendship that never ends.✌️ 💜

📣 Watch our #Essentials chat right now on the Apple Music YouTube channel!

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🎈 🎊 We're gonna party like it's MY Birthday! 🎈 🎊

👉 Follow the instructions in the video for a chance to win!

🌐 Follow my Street Teams:
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WATCH: @MelanieCmusic will have you moving with #IntoYou music video


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Watch @MelanieCmusic's brand-new video for her song "Into You," a euphoric and uplifting track with a video to match.

Thank you @euphoriazine for the kind words! ❤️
#IntoYou ✌️

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❤️ This is it!

💿 I’m over the moon that my new, self titled album, #MelanieC is out TODAY!

🎧 Stream, download and buy the album here:

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