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Richard Shadyac

President & CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for @StJude.
Mission: Finding cures. Saving children®.

Memphis, TN

Joined on 19 June, 2010

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As we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth, we honor the legacy of women in STEM and fundraising who fulfill the @StJude mission. It's the perfect time as well to champion Hayley Arceneaux — cancer survivor, physician assistant, explorer — and her next adventure aboard @Inspiration4x.

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Robert Spence Jr., one of the first Black pharmacists @StJude: “It changes you to be around children who are struggling with life-threatening illness, and they do it with such courage. I was pretty young. It changed me forever.” It has changed me as well.

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We’re celebrating our friends @Dominos as corporate and franchise-owned stores nationwide raised a recording-breaking $13M in 2020 to help support the @StJude mission. Domino’s Village rises in Memphis, reminding us daily of the power behind purpose and partnership.

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It was a trip to NASA that set Hayley Arceneaux's sights on space. It was her treatment at @StJude for osteosarcoma that showed her anything was possible — college, world travel, dream job and, yes, even space travel. #Inspiration4StJude

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Reflecting on Hayley Arceneaux’s wise counsel to a @StJude patient: “Cancer’s going to change you. But it’s going to make you who you are. And you’re going to be so much stronger because of it.” As she plans her trip aboard @Inspiration4x, we’re awed by her strength & compassion.

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Hayley Arceneaux took off her patient ID band and put on a @StJude employee badge, a momentous and proud occasion for the physician assistant. Now she’ll don a space suit and take all of us — her ALSAC and St. Jude family — along for the ride of a lifetime.

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Dwight Tosh, patient No. 17, who came to @StJude in 1962, has one word to describe the institution that saved his life: HOPE. Much of that hope lies in the St. Jude LIFE Study program and what it means for patients of today and tomorrow. #StJudeInspire

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I’m so proud of Hayley for her courage as a @StJude patient and now as a space traveler! She is inspiring generations both young and old to follow their dreams. To all of our ALSAC and St. Jude family — your support has made this historic moment possible. Thank you!

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Thrilled to share aboard 1st all-civilian space flight on @Inspiration4x will be Hayley Arceneaux, @StJude physician assistant whose story goes much deeper. She’s also a former St. Jude patient — a cancer survivor, who represents hope for kids everywhere.

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“Every generation leaves behind a legacy. What that legacy will be is determined by the people of that generation. What legacy do you want to leave behind?” Words to think about from the late John Lewis, who left a legacy of honor, dignity and impassioned service.

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The response to @Inspiration4x has been great — we hope you’ll spread the word and also visit for your chance to join the first all-civilian mission to space, while supporting the lifesaving mission of @StJude. #Inspiration4StJude

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Our good friend @RichEisen hasn’t slowed down a bit and all of us at @StJude thank him for continuing his unique fundraiser in a new way to help our kids and families. Here’s hoping you’ll lace up and show us how you #RunYour40. Thanks, Rich! #RunRichRun

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Dr. Rudolph Jackson came to @StJude in 1968, a moment when the Civil Rights Movement was at its peak, to research leukemia and help establish a sickle cell treatment program that would eventually become one of the largest in the country. #BlackHistoryMonth

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The @StJude family lost 2 giants with the recent passing of former directors, Dr. Joseph Simone and Dr. Arthur Nienhuis, true servant leaders & dreamers who carried the torch of Danny’s vision, helping kids & families the world over during their lifetimes.

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Together w/@WHO, @StJude aims to impact more kids w/cancer in low- and middle-income countries than ever before, seeking to raise survival rates of 6 of the most common forms of childhood cancer from 20-60% by 2030. Our goal on International Childhood Cancer Day, and every day.

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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Starting the weekend with a quote from Maya Angelou and hoping you find the courage to make the changes that change the world.

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A beautiful story of how love heals wounds while keeping memories of those we lost close to our hearts. #StJudeHero #StJudeInspire

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Quoted @StJudePLAYLIVE

After her dad was diagnosed with cancer, @lilsimsie used gaming to cope. Now, she's using it to do good. Learn more about her incredible story and why supporting @StJude is a cause close to her heart.

Thank you to @lilsimsie for sharing your story, and to the @StJudePLAYLIVE community for your support of our lifesaving mission.

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When you need to get the word out quickly, go straight to the top: @DrLupo. Thank you for having @rookisaacman and me on to talk about @StJude and @Inspiration4x, and to your fans and community for embracing our mission with all their heart. #Inspiration4StJude

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