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Quoted @spectatorindex

IMF projections for GDP growth, 2021.

India: 11.5%
China: 8.1%
Malaysia: 7%
Turkey: 6%
Spain: 5.9%
France: 5.5%
US: 5.1%
Indonesia: 4.8%
UK: 4.5%
Mexico: 4.3%
Brazil: 3.6%
Canada: 3.6%
Germany: 3.5%
Japan: 3.1%
Russia: 3%
Italy: 3%
Saudi: 2.6%
Nigeria: 1.5%
Pakistan: 1.5%

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Wonder how the violent protests in the national capital today on #India's #RepublicDay strengthens the democracy? Who's accountable for this mayhem.. the armchair supporters of this flawed protest or those ignorant who took the streets.. or both?

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Quoted @ANI

#WATCH Delhi: Protesting farmers vandalise a DTC bus in ITO area of the national capital.

After more than 10 round of talks.. this is a shameful act. Vandalism by any group needs to be condemned.

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Quoted @anandmahindra

Theirs are true ‘Rise’ stories; overcoming daunting odds in the pursuit of excellence. They serve as an inspiration in all arenas of life. It gives me great personal pleasure to gift each of these debutants an All New THAR SUV on my own account—at no expense to the company. (2/3)

Super like! @anandmahindra Sir 🤗🙏

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Quoted @ANI

Namaskar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Brazil feels honoured to have a great partner to overcome a global obstacle by joining efforts. Thank you for assisting us with the vaccines exports from India to Brazil. Dhanyavaad: President of Brazil Jair M Bolsonaro (File photo)

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Only commendable aspect of these protests till now is that those protesting are not being aggressive, and these protests are being done as protests should be done! But that doesn't take away the fact that fundamentals for protest are archaic and backward looking.

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The great divide that one witness is that rich farmers (10% of total farmers in India) are exerting all pressures on the government to keep the 90% of poor farmers stay poor in the future. It's alike STD booth owners protesting against advent of mobile phones.

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Quoted @ThePrintIndia

Bitcoin's worst week since March shakes faith in cryptocurrency boom

@ericlamTO reports

It's a sham! Any currency that's abnormally volatile and doesn't have sovereign backing can never be defined as "currency".

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Quoted @Bollyhungama

#VarunDhawan's parents #DavidDhawan, #KarunaDhawan, brother #RohitDhawan, and family leave for Alibaug to kick off wedding festivities

@Varun_dvn #VarunKiShaadi

May you get all the happiness @Varun_dvn. Have a happy, blissful married life. Congratulations and best wishes as always. 👏👏👍

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Quoted @sardesairajdeep

66 % say income decreased during COVID times, 19 % say they lost jobs. And yet 67% say central govt has handled economic fallout of the pandemic well. Slightly baffling but then that’s what the poll says. Faith in govt remains high. #MoodOfTheNation @IndiaToday

Any sane person knows it well.. the decrease in income was coz of the pandemic and not coz of the @narendramodi government. And any sane person knows this government has handled the crisis much better than almost all the developed nations of the world.
This is the mood of nation.

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#Tandav is not web content but an outlet of 6 years of deep hatred for incumbent government at Centre and Uttar Pradesh.
The approach of content creators and those who have powers to green signal these contents is deeply concerning.

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Quoted @shwetasinghkirt

Anyone interested in pursuing Astrophysics at UC Berkeley can apply for this fund. Grateful to the Angels who made it possible. 🙏 Happy Birthday my little Brother, I hope you always stay happy wherever you are! Love You ❤️ #SushantDay

#SushantSinghRajput stays alive in our hearts. A proper closure to his death in mysterious circumstances is what we pray for today. Om Shanti 🙏

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Quoted @MayorofLondon

The situation across the UK is deeply worrying:

Every 30 seconds, another person is taken to hospital with COVID-19.

A quarter of all patients hospitalised are under 55.

This impacts all of us. Please, stay at home to protect yourself and our NHS.

#COVIDー19 ain't over yet? Looks like there's a #COVIDSecondWave.

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Replying to @tanvi_madan: Having spent most of my life in either Delhi or DC, I can be quite jaded. But then there are the moments that are really s…

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Having spent most of my life in either Delhi or DC, I can be quite jaded. But then there are the moments that are really striking — seeing a name like "Kamala Devi" on such an announcement is one of them.

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With disposable income increasing, and OTT changing our viewing habits..we need less of multiplexes and more IMAX's and open theaters. BTW Single screens will flourish in this decade, 'n exclusive content will be made for them. Mass Cinema 's renaissance is just round the corner.

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Quoted @CNNnews18

Today families of more than 6 lakh people have received the money in their bank accounts. More than 5 lakh people have received the first payment and more than 80,000 people have received the second instalment for their house: PM Modi.

Small important policy changes that is going to majorly impact the have nots as well as the economy of India. PM @narendramodi Ji.. please scale up this noble cause. 🙏🙏

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Whenever @SGanguly99 Dada is at the top of his game and in absolute control.. it shows!

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In fact I had personally mailed Mr. @JeffBezos way back in 2017 post release of #InsideEdge. In India unlike other developed countries, OTT can never be an isolated individual viewing platform. OTTs need to watch out for language abuse and religious sentiments in Indian content.

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Quoted @Vishal_FilmBuff

Historical data proves.. no Hindi movie made till date that has #Mumbai centric content scores high at Box Office. Except @RajkumarHirani's Mumbaiya movie is in Top 50 list. You and your content need to travel to connect to pan India. #Analysis

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