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White supremacy is at the heart of our criminal justice system.

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It is a human right to live free from violence and intimidation. It is the duty of elected officials to make sure that can happen.

Call on your governor and mayor to protect the communities they represent.

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“We’re going to achieve true peace, which includes justice. But doing so requires truth about where we are and about how we got here.” - @BerniceKing #MLK

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Dutisn Higgs was executed after am on 1/16.

He had COVID-19 in December. At trial, the jury didn’t get adequate information about his traumatic childhood. The US system makes it rare to succeed in appealing on these grounds after trial, further proof we must #EndTheDethPenalty

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He is the 13th and final person executed in the Trump administration’s killing spree.

The US had not seen federal executions from a lame duck president in over century.

We can’t undo what’s been done, but we can stop it from ever happening again. #AbolishTheDeathPenalty

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The US Capitol riots had international implications, causing global leaders to condemn the violence. Rights groups, including Amnesty International, had to issue alerts that normally are used for failing states and countries in crisis.

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“The differences we’re seeing in use of force are the political stripes of those who are being policed,” said @brian_griffey on the police response to the mob that stormed the Capitol.

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Tell your governor and mayor that you want them to denounce white supremacists, prohibit firearms in Capitols and public spaces, and take measures to keep your constituents and communities safe from violence and armed intimidation by white supremacists:

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"There must be, where there is sufficient evidence, prosecution of all government officials, personnel, and contractors who are responsible for the abuses committed during this shameful period of our history — no matter their current or former level of office."

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"The report makes clear that accountability for these actions is all the more pressing. A criminal investigation is a critical and necessary step to ensure such wrongs are never repeated.

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"While families may never be made fully whole again, the U.S. government has an obligation to help these families and provide redress, including pathways to lawful status for affected families.

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“The new administration must act quickly and urgently to repair this harm as much as possible.

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"This utter disregard for people’s lives caused irreparable harm. The cruelty of the Trump administration ceases to shock, while the human cost remains vast and families continue to live with the destruction.

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“This is a damning condemnation of the Trump administration’s inhumane family separation policy. This report reinforces what we already knew: the cruelty was the point and the government ripped families apart intentionally to keep families from seeking safety here.

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BREAKING: Government report reinforces that cruelty drove family separations

Denise Bell, the researcher for refugee and migrant rights at Amnesty International USA said:

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Quoted @amnestyusa

Abolish the death penalty.

Abolish the death penalty.

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Tonight, Corey Johnson is the 12th person executed by the Trump administration.

Despite intellectual disability and having recently had COVID-19, SCOTUS denied his appeal.

There is no reform to bring sense, fairness, or humanity to this punishment. #AbolishTheDeathPenalty

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Governors, mayors, and all your representatives have a duty to protect the communities they represent.

Allowing armed groups to threaten people and spaces will not be tolerated:

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Ending white supremacy is a human rights mandate.

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