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Quoted @BernardKerik

This was frequent in the 80s and early 90s. When @RudyGiuliani came in it stopped. Now it’s common place under @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio. A 26-year-old beaten and robbed of his jewelry, phone, pants, underwear, and shoes.

This is horrible.

But it also never stopped and it also not “common place” ... these dipshits will be locked up.

And Giuliani just caused this sort of thing on Jan 6th..

Shut your bum ass up.

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Quoted @oldmanebro

If they don’t Kool Moe Dee for this... I’m storming the capitol ..


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Hank Aaron took vaxx ... Larry Kjng got Covid, don’t see where he took vaxx

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Quoted @ogshavers

@ELVangelion @HOT97 @oldmanebro Yeah I know man. They were both elderly. You think Biden next if he really took it?

Send me that story

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just came to say I don’t give a fuck what a 1776, or a framer, or a “forefather” thinks. Ya’ll raped, slaved, made mad money and now were coming for some $$ & what is owed.

Plus, Black descendants of slaves will document the side of the story that enabled this nations greatness

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Quoted @Imakemyownshit

@nuffsaidny Yo @oldmanebro stole your tweet fam

He said that! My bad....

I was thinking I stole from the 9million other times people have used that same set up

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Pusha T and Freddie Gibbs think everyone wants their coke raps.....

They are fucking absolutely correct!

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Quoted @SportsCenter

Donovan's response when Shaq tells him he doesn't have what it takes to get to the next level:


Love this.
Tough love.

Step up or shut up!

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Quoted @eacisneros

@oldmanebro Puerto Rico needs self determination. Plenty on the island aren’t down with statehood. Just an FYI it’s not that popular

I get it...
why get a tighter bond with some assholes who haven’t been making the island or culture stronger?

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Quoted @DaddyFrank2502

@oldmanebro Half these ppl praising him now hated him 50 years ago... same with Martin & Malcolm.


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They say, #HankAaron received 3,000 racist, pieces of mail everyday for being great at playing baseball.

it was not the same people sending multiple pieces of mail daily, so let’s just look at a 6mos window...that is 540,000 racist letters.

He played for 23yrs.

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Quoted @5tH_ave_chic

Get rid of the Electoral College & Omnibus Bills

@oldmanebro: End the filibuster ....

Make DC & Puerto Rico states.

End Qualified Immunity.

What else?

This Omnibus Bill shit is fucking scam!!!

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Replying to @5tH_ave_chic: Get rid of the Electoral College & Omnibus Bills

@oldmanebro: End the filibuster ....

Make DC & Puerto Rico states.…

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Quoted @HuertasDean

@oldmanebro I’ll just leave this here

So no statehood for PR? Ok. Whatever it is ... it’s love

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Quoted @SteFN_2187

@oldmanebro @JumaaneWilliams @TishJames @BrooklynDA @ericadamsfornyc @MelindaKatz @JamaalBowmanNY @AOC Is that the same punishment as selling alcohol to any person under 21?

Is it?

How does this apply to teens?

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Quoted @RylandKY

Breonna Taylor Grand Jurors File Petition To Impeach AG Daniel Cameron

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Quoted @SophiaTesfaye

If it’s legal, penalties for underage participation should the same as with alcohol

How does this apply to teens?

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Quoted @Oseguera2020

Yo @oldmanebro, top contenders for Congratulations You Played Yourself

Might be the top #Congratulations of the last 20yrs

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